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Please revise my poem?

5 answers · Poetry · 1 day ago
Pretext: Im going to fail this semester if you dont help me revise my poem. Sorry I dont mean to put this all in your hands but I could really use some help. Thank you. Cue the beginning of the poem. Why do you insist on rekindling an old flame You wouldnt water a dead flower and yet You insist that it still... show more

Best answer: Easy access to firearms.

From Rome/greek region.

Does anyone think 9/11 was real?

57 answers · History · 4 days ago
Some people say that there werent any planes involved? I know someone who said that their friend was jogging near the pentagon when it struck and they saw the plane with their own two eyes.. What do you think happened on 9/11?

Of those 65 million deaths, over 20 million of which were in East and Southeast Asia committed by the Japanese Empire against China, Korea, Philippines and other Asian countries and Adolf Hitler had nothing to do with the Japanese imperialism in the territory...

Best answer: If they didn't invent it, someone else would of eventually, and a similar event like 9/11 would of happened anyways.

Why did USA lose the Vietnam War?

27 answers · History · 3 days ago
Best answer: The United States failed to adapt its tactics to be able to fight an enemy like the Viet-Cong effectively. The United States possessed a host of advantages, including maximum firepower, but failed to find a means to put those advantages to use to win the war. The North Vietnamese forces were able to prosecute their... show more

I've read "Hunger Games", "Brave New World" and other books, as well as, seen several scifi movies and films. One day, I decided to compare modern science fiction media with those from the 1900s and further back. I came to realize the differences in tones between the two time periods. Books,... show more

Why did europeans colonize African countries?

21 answers · History · 2 days ago
But not asian or latin countries

Why did Germany loos ww2?

60 answers · History · 5 days ago

How many jewish U.S.solders died in w.w.2?

6 answers · History · 2 days ago

How long do you read a book?

15 answers · Books & Authors · 2 days ago
I just read about 20 minutes but I sure would like to read more. And stay out of trouble

Best answer: When young men were drafted to serve in Vietnam they were given crew cuts. Long hair was a reaction and a way of protesting the war. The war ended and the long hair trend of the 1060s and 1970s was replaced by the big hair styles of the 1980s.

Best answer: Why would you want to insert snippets of Japanese dialogue into a story that's being written in English? If you plan to insert untranslated dialogue, English speakers would simply skip right over it as practically none of us can read any of the three writing systems used to render Japanese. And if you plan to... show more