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4 died and 9 were injured.

Who is the new big enemy of United States?

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Best answer: In the beginning, with his blitzkrieg tactics on Europe, he was brilliant. A fast moving war front was totally unheard of until then. The Allies were totally overwhelmed. But then... Stupid absolutely stupid was Der Fuhrer. When he opened up the second front (Russia), he was destined to lose the war. He way... show more

Why did Nazis call themselves National Socialists?

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Why not just socialists

Its certainly true that if the Germans had been stopped at the Ardennes, and the war descended into an Attritional war, France and Britain had the advantage due to the endless cornucopia of resources that their world spanning colonial empires were.

How close were the Germans to developing an atom bomb?

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Who was the bravest hero in WW2?

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Is nothing impossible?

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Best answer: There is nothing that I can demonstrate as impossible, if that is the question. The likelihood of the event can be extremely tiny and thus I would consider it impossible, and might even call it that, but what is "impossible" generally depends on what constraints you place on the event. Is it possible for... show more

Is it true that Hitler himself was part Jewish?

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Best answer: Historians generally dismiss the claim that Adolf Hitler was Jewish by blood due to lack of records and evidence. In addition, he was raised Roman-Catholic but he became disdainful of the religion over time. However, he never formally left the church nor was he excommunicated by the church

What happened to Adolf Hitler?

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Despite being a staunch anti communist he put aside his principles and was open to assist Stalins Red Army against Germany and didn’t treat them as moral equivalents. Looking at it in hindsight was it a mistake ?

Best answer: I think Primarily from the Caribbean region,especially Jamaica.Some Afro-British are from directly from Africa,especially West Africa.There are also Black people in Britain from other parts of the world.

Did social Darwinism influence ww1?

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Did slave owners sleep with their slaves?

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