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I’ve been on my own since I was 18. Balancing school, work, and bills. I thought I had it all figured out. I had a good job and was making good money. I was making so much money and my credit was great. I was able to finance my first car on my own with no assistance. But I kept getting new cars (this is my 4th... show more

I found out my boss has been sabotaging my job applications. What should I do?

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Best answer: first, your salary level is not equivalent to the work performed, you must apply elsewhere, use for zipcodes in your area and apply elsewhere today second, you must get over that your boss is taking advantage, many bosses do this in order to retain their help third, start to ignore the poor treatment in... show more

Which car do you have?

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Agree/disagree: money makes people jealous?

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Trying to quit new job?

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i am trying to quit my new job, i am still on 3 months probation. It is proper to still give them a letter of a 2 weeks notice or since i am still under probation do i quit on the spot?

I want credit card?

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Should I give a lump sum payment toward my student debt?

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Best answer: You are thinking it through correctly. Paying down debts is the right thing to do but only in safety. You are debating how much you need to be safe. That's the correct approach. You are also taking future large expenses into account.That's also correct. Avoid going into new debt while you are paying off... show more

My landlord never answers the phone?

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I pay my rent early and some times I'm forced too the way my checks are set up if I don't I will be late. Even trying to pay early there have been times that I have been late because no one ever answers the phone in their office. I don't have a email for the owner and her personal line goes unanswered... show more

for instance, i bought a sofa and paid sales tax on it when i bought it from the store, does the government want to double dip and collect again?

How do I evict a tenant from my home?

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I let a friend come stay with me about 5 months ago. I asked him pay 300.00 a month, so I understand that he is now technically a tenant, and that I must go through the proper channels to evict him. I have asked him to leave personally and he refuses, so that option has already been tried. Can anyone give me a... show more

What should I do?

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Best answer: It’s probably discrimination. All you can do is keep trying. The disability job center in your state may be able to help.

Best answer: The rent counts as income. You have to declare it for tax purposes. However, if no-one tells the tax people, how will they know?

Best answer: yep...if she has customers coming, that is typically a business and she needs to be in a business zone...and if the lease prohibits a business, they are in violation, some businesses can be run out of the home...essentially computer based or some baking where the customers don't come to the apartment. if you... show more

Month to month lease what should i do?

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Best answer: She will probably take you to court for June and July rent or report you to a collections agency or maybe she won't bother - hard to day. It will be very difficult for her to collect the rent but your credit will probably be badly damaged. You could offer to pay her for June rent if she'll waive July... show more

Would employers care if you graduate in 8 years?

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Some people work full time and go to college part time, graduating in 8 years. Would employers care?

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