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This employer should be trusted. True or false?

8 answers · Other - Business & Finance · 2 days ago
Best answer: Stay in your current job. DO NOT TRUST THIS ETHNIC EMPLOYER! I have to shout this warning to stop you doing something very foolish, but owners of these types of shops are notorious liars so listen to the alarm bells ringing loud in your mind.

In the past I would have had at least $2,500 to make a down payment because I had saved a lot of money and I was always afraid to spend it because I wanted to buy a house (we are currently renting). But for various reasons we ended up having to spend that money, mostly for car repairs since my husband had to... show more

Is It Offensive to Tell an Employee That They Are Not Meeting Expectations?

23 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 10 hours ago
I go in and work for 50 hours a week. I bust my butt. A few days ago, after 6 months of service, my boss simply told me that I "wasn't meeting expectations" and my "performance wasn't satisfactory" and he fired me. I feel really offended and hurt. And I started crying and tried to... show more

Can rent be paid in gold and silver?

41 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 3 days ago
Would a landlord accept payment if you had gold and silver pieces (.999 or 1 Troy ounce)? It would be interesting to try and see since it is legal currency

How to cancel on a babysitting job last minute??

14 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 1 day ago
Two nights ago I was asked by the person I regularly dog sit for if I could babysit for a friend. I primarily babysit, do i said yes and it was for yesterday and today. Last night I was only there for 4 hours but it was so exhausting. There's two kids with a ton of every and they do not get along nor do they... show more

How do YOU look for a job?

9 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 1 day ago
Best answer: Online job boards, newspaper, recruiting agencies, career section of business websites.

😬😬 how to get money back after being scammed?!?!?

13 answers · Law Enforcement & Police · 5 hours ago
So about a week/ two weeks ago I found somebody on gumtree selling some items. They were worth quite a lot of money. So I transferred the money thinking he was legit and he never sent anything!! Does anybody know how I should go about getting my money back? I really need it especially at Christmas time!!... show more

How much will my job pay me ?

9 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 1 day ago
I m 18 & I work @ UPS, I work part time from 5-11. I make $10 an hour. So far I ve worked 2 days so I m thinking that $120, my brother is saying that temporary part time is bad and will pay somewhere near $40-$60 a week. I work 5 days a week so that s hard to believe making $10 and hour. I m still in school so... show more

Can you work 55 hours a week?

14 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 14 hours ago

Why don't companies put their exact location on job listings?

7 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 1 day ago
I'm looking for a job right now and none of the companies list their address in the listing. So if there are several location in my city how am I supposed to know which one it is. It's not worth me wasting my time applying for a job on the other side of town. Also why don't they list the amount of hours... show more

How to make a contract that holds up in court?

13 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 11 hours ago
Hi, i need advice tegarding roommates and contracts. Me, my boyfriend, and 3 of our friends are talking about rent a house together. However, my boyfriend's mom is strongly advising against it, but it seems like our only option before we end up homeless. She doesn't think we should do it because of one of... show more

I'm moving to another state and I plan on purchasing a home. I would like to pay my mortgage at least 6 months ahead of time just like some people may pay rent months ahead of time. Can I pay my monthly mortgage months ahead of time?

My biggest fear is becoming homeless?

15 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 1 day ago
I have no family or friends and barely have enough money to pay rent, I've never taken out a loan before so my credit isn't ruined but I don't own anything as collateral, I'd just like to have a Christmas where I don't fear being homeless. I'm working through the holidays and that will just... show more

Is Getting Fired From Kohl's a Life Ruining Event?

9 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 3 hours ago

Should I quit my job? I work overnights and I hate my job, and I have a wife?

11 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 12 hours ago

I’m a TJ Maxx cashier and sometimes, we get customers that come back hours to a day after checking out, holding only their receipt, and claiming we either double charged an item or forgot to put an item in their bag. So, then we have to look in the lost and found bin, and if we don’t find the item, we have to just... show more

Employment application: Was this restaurant manager rude or just being honest?

27 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 3 days ago
Okay I'm not going to say the name of the restaurant but I've been going there for a while now and I really enjoy their food, but I'm also looking for a job, so I decided to apply for a job there. I filled out my application online, and two days later I called wishing to speak with a manager to follow... show more