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Do you answer your cell phone or do you let it go into voicemail?

17 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 1 day ago

Not sure whether I should get Iphone 7 or Iphone 8?

9 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 1 day ago
I've been using crappy 50 dollar phones for a couple of years that break every few months. I've started looking at Iphones and started thinking of having a phone long term until I graduate which is in 2-3 years so which one is better in the long run the 7 or the 8? because i see no difference in the phones... show more

Is Sony the best electronics brand?

7 answers · TVs · 22 hours ago

Wil I be able to split left and right aduio if l buy the Y-adapter and plug both microphones directly to camera? Do they need to be separate audio files?

Does cellphone insurance cover cracked screens?

9 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 3 days ago
Best answer: All of your answers are in the policy document. In general, however, cracked screens are caused by user damage, and therefore not covered.

My dad is a bit old fashioned and only wants a cell phone that only makes and takes calls like phones used to be able to do. He basically wants a landline phone that's wireless and he can take to work. He hates apps, texting, and all internet features, I tried to get him to get a normal smart phone or a flip... show more

Why people keep saying Android phones are for poor people?

11 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 5 days ago
I really don’t understand this thing, because it is simply not true, it’s true that most budget phones are android, but also old iPhones can be picked up really cheap, like, you can buy an used iPhone 6 for under 200€, there are also a lot of android phones that cost as much as the new iPhones, like for example the... show more

Mixer shocked me?

4 answers · Other - Electronics · 13 hours ago
Hi! I unplugged a mixer and it shocked me, is it more likely something is wrong with my mixer or the outlet?

Remember back in the day, you would shut your tv off and the picture would shrink into a dot, and linger for awhile? What caused that? And wouldn't it be nostalgic to see it again? Now the tv just goes off all it once immediately. Boo.No fun.

Top 5 professional dslr camera apps for android mobile tell me?

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I'm going to buy a proper power adapter for my power bank, so that I can charge it at full speed. As far as I know, charging speed is determined by how much watt is delivered. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything on the internet. The power bank has multiple input options: 5V / 3A = 15W 9V / 3A ... show more

Best answer: It depends on the type of flip phone. But unless you have highly specialized skills and equipment for data recovery, it is unlikely that you can recover the data.

MY pc is doing wierd things pls HALP?

4 answers · PC · 2 days ago

Nikon lenses? Which one!?

5 answers · Cameras · 3 days ago
I have Nikon dslr 5500. I’m looking for another lease to use. I like to take photos of my niece and nephews and son, as well as some travel photos like landscapes