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How goes it in the western front?

4 answers · Land Phones · 1 day ago
Best answer: All quiet

I’m stuck inside all summer and my parents have motion sensor security cameras... so if the motion sensor detects anything it will record the past 10 seconds and the next 10 seconds... there are no blind spots and jumping from my roof isn’t a option because the bushes below are sharp as crap... if I try to blind... show more

Is it bad that I unplug my phone before it completely charged?

7 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 1 day ago
I'm bored so I unplug it when it's half way charged. What can I do while it's charging?

Do any 30 year old aged people still play on playstation?

11 answers · PlayStation · 3 days ago

Can I just cut the cable output from the transformer and make a plug to fit? I have the correct plug but am wondering if the TV at 4amps will get damaged from a 10amp output?

I really dislike texting entire conversations. Of course, messages are like "I'm here" or "which restaurant?" or "don't forget the red folder" are fine with me. But I refuse to text an entire conversation with someone, at that point I immediately stop texting and call them. ... show more

Phone to tv hookup?

7 answers · TVs · 2 days ago
Is it possible to hook up an android phone to a tv so that you can watch what’s on the phone, on the tv?

Very basic ham radio for cw cost?

4 answers · Other - Electronics · 5 hours ago
Hi I was wondering what exactly I would need to purchase for cw on ham radio. All I m interested in is cw and I was wondering estimated how much I would need to spend for everything for sending and receiving cw around the world. Also what license would I need for worldwide cw. Also I ve heard there s thin corded... show more

Best answer: Keep in mind iPhones usually serve the high end market vs Android OEMs that cater to the lower, mid & high markets. So if you compare the high end Android phones to the iPhones you'd see the prices either are equal or in some cases more than iPhones. Example, the just announced Galaxy Note9 which starts at... show more

How much could I sell my iPad with a broken screen on EBay?

6 answers · Other - Electronics · 1 day ago
The screen is both cracked and won't turn on anymore the iPad is about 8 years old. Could i sell it for more than $50 on eBay?

Any female gamers play on Xbox 360 still?

5 answers · Xbox · 11 hours ago
Do you have a gamertag I can add please?

Is it safe to wear music earbuds when sleeping?

7 answers · Music & Music Players · 3 days ago
And no, I don t mean earplugs. I mean earbuds that are for music and such. I get sensory overloads really easily so at night to avoid having to listen to the noises of cars or people talking (on occasion) I usually listen to soft rain sound effects or ambient nature sounds. Getting a noise maker isn t really an... show more

Is it legal to burn MP3 tracks to CD?

8 answers · Music & Music Players · 4 days ago
Wanna know if it is legal to burn MP3 tracks to a CD for my own personal use?

Which to buy - iphone 7 or 8?

6 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 3 days ago
Hi guys, I have an iPhone 5s.. Looking to upgrade to the 8, but noticed the 7 was 100 less and has more storage... What are the differences, and is it worth going to the 8?