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What happens after we die?

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What is the meaning of life? No answer...?

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For a book. What would some annoying teenagers think of as a nickname for someone who’s just a bit serious and boring?

Who is the best president we’ve ever had AND WHY?

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Best answer: Most don't. The average student loan debt is less than $30,000. Hardly anyone pays "full sticker price" tuition; most receive grants, scholarships, and other financial aid. Those that do usually have parents that can afford it without relying on massive loans. And the average salary for a college... show more

My dad used to write poetry, does that mean he's gay?

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Is it wrong for a 27 yr old woman with no kids to attend the RN program?

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Why do colleges tend to be breeding grounds for social justice warriors?

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Best answer: Maybe our robot overlords will succeed in making the world a better place.

Best answer: Report her to HS or talk to ur parents for help. She has no right to do this. And as a teacher, the behavior is werid and out of line. If you ignore this time, it will probably happen on another student.

What can you do with a Master’s degree in English?

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Who is to blame for childhood obesity except parents?

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Huh did you know?

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Did you know that Nazi is short for Nationalsozialisten. Which translated to English is National Socialists? They just took the letters NA from National and the letters ZI from Zialisten and combinde them to form the word Nazi. Never realized that till now, did you?

Why do professors get mad when you call them a "teacher"?

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The word 'posh' is an acronym. What does it stand for?

11 answers · Words & Wordplay · 2 days ago
Best answer: Port Out, Starboard Home. In the 1800's ships sailing from England to India found the coolest, most comfortable side of the ship to be the left (Port) side on the way out, and the right (Starboard) side of the ship on the way home. The letters POSH were stamped on the boarding passes of passengers who had... show more

Which word is correct?

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Best answer: Either "Her first week in the school was..." or "Her first week at school was...." But not " the school....." The first version, with "in the", is specific to the school - possibly she had a good time in her primary school, but now that she has entered secondary school... show more