Entertainment & Music's questions - Portuguese iziqna

Do you know any word in portuguese -.-?

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What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

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If you don't like ice cream, you can go to hell.

What age you were when you first started learn how to cook?

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Is it tiring for you to be right all the time?

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Best answer: I'm well rested since I'm not right all the time.

Would you ever move to the house you grew up in as a child?

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Best answer: The house I grew up in has been torn down many years ago, because it was so old, even when my family lived in it. Even if it was still there, it would require too much to fix up.

Poll: Burger and Fries or Fish and Chips?

23 answers · Polls & Surveys · 2 hours ago
Best answer: fish and chips

How to stop accidentally farting when I laugh too hard?

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Best answer: Scotland and the view from my window

Why do people beg for money?

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How many time have you been to Spain?

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What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

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Poll: What's your favorite dessert?

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Hi What is Mars secret name?

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If I get depressed in winter what should i do about it?

10 answers · Polls & Surveys · 8 hours ago
Best answer: Sounds like you might have (SAD) "Seasonal Affective Disorder." Lack of sunshine causes these sad, or negative feelings. You can either move to a sunnier city, or try sitting in front of a sunlamp for a few minutes everyday, during these months. It does help, but you must always be aware of this... show more

Do you like Macaroni and Cheese?

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