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Easiest/painless way to end it?

8 answers · Mental Health · 12 hours ago
It's official i know for a fact that life will never get better for me. It's literally been going downhill since 2016. I lost my relationship with my girlfriend, and my family and now all my friends who i cant call friends anymore. No bullshitting please no corniness. Whats the easiest, painless way to end it? show more

I’m a loser?

13 answers · Mental Health · 18 hours ago
i’m sixteen almost seventeen, dropped out of highschool have no job, no money to my name. im lost and i don’t know what i want to do with my life, i want to do music but i don’t know where to start, i’m really insecure. i’m just lost. i don’t know where i’m going anymore i don’t what i’m doing anymore, help.

Do you own a bathrobe?

16 answers · Mental Health · 1 day ago
Best answer: I have one from my teens but my cat uses it as her bed. It wouldn't even cone close to fitting me now anyway.

Is sleeping nude better for your health?

38 answers · Women's Health · 3 days ago
Best answer: Yes- a lower body temperature is conducive to better sleep which is good for your overall health

Why can’t atheists have morals?

26 answers · Infectious Diseases · 1 day ago
Best answer: Obviously. The morals of an atheist are self imposed so they are actually morals. The morals of a religious person are imposed against their will under threat of punishment in the afterlife. Religious people have no morals.

Do men need a mirror to shave?

25 answers · Men's Health · 1 day ago
Best answer: yes They need a razor too

Best answer: yes it is

Do you take Gabapentin for anxiety?

5 answers · Mental Health · 15 hours ago
If so, what daily dosage and does it work well?

Why do people choose to be fat?

14 answers · Diet & Fitness · 13 hours ago

How do you live?

8 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago
I’ve been depressed for almost my entire life, been on every medicine, seen every therapist. I’ve been sober for a year and honestly I don’t care about anything anymore. I never get relief and all I wanna do is get high and sleep. I honestly don’t know how much longer I can do it. Everything is painful and I cry... show more

I hate god and I hate myself god shouldn't of create me?

13 answers · Mental Health · 8 hours ago
I hate being young I hate who I am I hate the name I have I hate being mentally ill I hate the way I look I hate not having kids

If I only eat/drink soup for a few months, will I lose weight?

15 answers · Diet & Fitness · 2 days ago

True/false: most young people care about popularity?

13 answers · Pain & Pain Management · 2 days ago

to tests online, don’t want to see GP though as having those can ruin your life and any chance of getting a good job, can effect you moving countries or travelling too.

Why do Conservatives like to pretend that Nazis don’t exist?

12 answers · Mental Health · 10 hours ago
We do exist. I’m right here.