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Why do grown man like video games?

41 answers · Video & Online Games · 5 days ago
Video games are toys and are a waste of time

What are best self defense weapons?

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What PS4 games are popular?

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What is the easiest way to make money online?

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Is it weird for a girl to like Pokemon?

12 answers · Video & Online Games · 3 days ago
Best answer: Nope. I'm a girl, and I love pokemon! provided, I'm hardly the perfect example of feminine grace, but still.

With today's high tuition and low minimum wage a summer job will not hardly make a dent in the tuition bill and will result in the need to take on massive student debt. I came up with one option. and it is to work a full time summer job and save up a few grand to and then plan to place a large four figure bet... show more

Best answer: I'm going with illiterate Americans...

I m 19 years old, I ve been gambling ever since I turned 18. It started low, then I won big alot of money and I thought to myself (this is so easy money, i dont even need a job). Eventually after winning ofcourse I started losing. I thought to myself, "a little bit of bad luck" and tried again and again... show more

I have an old german coin too. what is its value?

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Best answer: Ya I'm down

Best answer: Target is perfect for those weird unusual items that you don't see at your typical store like Walmart. Yes, people shop there. And yes, we use it as a meme too.

GTA or Manhunt?

7 answers · Video & Online Games · 3 days ago
Ok lets have a battle a battle between The Grand Theft Auto game series and The Manhunt Game Series both from Rockstar? Which is better?

With Telltale shuting down, I'm trying to buy my favorite games before they're gone for good. If I placed the games I intend to buy in my cart and they're taken off the store before I have a chance to buy them, will the games be taken out of my cart as well?

Any “unbeatable” bets?

6 answers · Gambling · 2 days ago
I know nothing is fully “unbeatable” but I recently got into sports betting, I bet on a few NBA teams that were high on the ladder and lost quite a bit of money, I would bet on any sport that you guys recommend (It doesn’t have to be NBA) so any recommendations?

He plays Overwatch, but are there any free games I can download that 14 / 15 year olds are playing? He hates Fortnite.

What is/was your favorite video game console?

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Best answer: Xbox One

Why isn't there casinos in Georgia?

6 answers · Gambling · 2 days ago
Why aren't there any casinos in Georgia? Does this have anything to do with religion?