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You know, because matter can't travel the speed of light. Something seems fishy here...

That should nauseate many

Why are objects pulled towards larger objects in space?

18 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago

How long is a lunar year?

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Best answer: Sure, it is possible. But there us no evidence of those aliens. And we are not all that interesting.

Why are scientists so intelligent?

8 answers · Biology · 1 day ago
Especially physicists, but also chemists and even molecular biologists. They must be the most intelligent demographic. Reading the Wikipedia pages of some famous scientists makes me feel like I have Down Syndrome. Some of them graduated high school at around 15 and taught themselves calculus even younger. How are... show more

Gravity is a product of masses in play. So why should light, which is composed of photons which are massless be attracted towards a blackhole? Is there something we are missing about gravity?

Is there really any proof for evolution?

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string theory predicts that there are 10 dimensions it is also predicted that black holes exist it predicts that 0 or infinity exists when there really can’t be nothing or infinite it predicts that time travel is possible

Why is NASA being beaten by SpaceX?

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How did they get a picture of the black hole?

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My mom showed me that fugly pic of the black hole and im super confused cause like its 1 million light years away but my stupid phone camera cant even focus on my cute face. so how did they do it? is the government hiding something like a big camera?

-x/2+8=6 what’s does x equal?

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What does it mean when someone is Psychic?

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What is the Size of the Singularity of the M87 Black Hole?

7 answers · Astronomy & Space · 2 days ago In this article at the end, they mention that from the data collected from EHT, they concluded that the SINGULARITY is a ring and about the size of the orbit of Pluto!!!... show more

For example, math can’t predict the stock market or mathematicians would be rich if they had a formula to make money The stock market is more about probabilities and social science than math and patterns Also, particles can behave like particles or waves, and it is not possible to predict where they located... show more

How can matter exist if anti matter should have destroyed it?

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