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Are we the only humans in the universe?

28 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago
are we the only of our kind or is their more like us on other planets if so how come they haven’t connected with us

How many moons does the earth have.?

23 answers · Astronomy & Space · 20 hours ago

Is evolution a theory?

17 answers · Biology · 21 hours ago

Will deep space travel ever be possible for humans?

14 answers · Astronomy & Space · 20 hours ago

Best answer: It is a physical impossibility for an airplane to go into space It's structure indeed would be strong enough to survive the lack of air But the Airplane needs air flowing over its wings for to give it lift It would simply stall at that height There is a reason why we use Rockets They use maximum power to get... show more

What continent is the UK in?

11 answers · Geography · 23 hours ago

Why are Uranus and Neptune so cold?

13 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago

Is Ireland a country or a province of Canada?

13 answers · Geography · 1 day ago
Best answer: Ireland is an illusion

If y’all so smart, whys the moon there?

10 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago
Best answer: So that you could ask that question.

Is the sun brighter at the Venus or Earth s sky?

9 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago

Are stars and other planets a real thing?

26 answers · Astronomy & Space · 3 days ago
Best answer: Absolutely

Best answer: I m not an astrophysicist either but I think the answer to your question is both No and Yes at the same time. No as in: galaxies are moving away from each other in the X,Y,and Z direction. So unless there r 8 super googleplex black holes around our universe in the shape of a box, pulling us from all directions,... show more