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Best answer: Sounds like it might have a few details yet to work out. And your hundred bucks fee to keep might be a bit high - my two shelter cats were less to adopt,

it's a family run business. im 16. everyday when i come home from school we should go to our restaurant, and work until we go home. on weekends we literally get up and work until 9pm.i can't go home like the servers can, nor do i get a break. at the end of the day my body aches because we are Chinese... show more

My husband has landed a great job and we’ll now have the opportunity to start businesses like we’ve been wanting to. We want to start multiple businesses and eventually be able to run our businesses and travel the world. We were thinking buying lots of land and renting out trailers or tiny houses as one option.... show more

We've been arguing about it the last 2 days. I have a business in place to where I don't have to do anything much at all and he has a job working about 50 hours a week. He wants to be apart of what I'm doing and I honestly just don't think its a good idea because it's something he wouldn't... show more

Please answer my question?

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how much a person can earn in startup business?.hes my relative.Hes having a startup business.serious answers please

Best answer: Pawning is a contract that you will return to regain possession of your property, basically, a loan while leaving colateral. If, after a certain amount of time, you never return, the property now belongs to the pawn shop. Selling is just that. You have sold your property and can't return to reclaim it.

Best businesses to start?

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came across these 2 items I like, but seem way over priced. I looked up on that they have been listed for 6 months now and nobody has bought them. I asked the seller to lower the price and said no. Then told him how long it has been listed and i'm the only one interested and he still refuses.... show more

Best answer: Instead of being mad at her, talk to her and address her concerns about financial security. She's obviously worried about it. Yeah, you have a nice house and nice cars, but do you have a nice emergency fund set up? Should you find yourself needing to go find a job at a big company, do you have savings to... show more

I want to start selling Avon?

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So I'm an automotive repairman and my life's a complete joke at the moment sometimes I can't even be bothered to wake up coz I work my a** off and our garage has no hope sometimes.. i bought a broke down car and 2 motorbikes to fix up to make some extra but it's looking like the profit on each is... show more