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Best answer: Well, show your friend this question you just posted. It is obvious proof it's possible for you to write texts without using this letter. Furthermore, you posted this question obviously to show off your skills by pretending to be in trouble finding words without this letter. Obviously you just did. I'm not... show more

So, I have exams coming up, and one, in particular, is in English (keep in mind, I am not a native, and I don’t live in the U.S or UK). We have to choose a subtopic that has anything to do with green issues (Climate change, Global warming, CO2 emissions etc.), and I really need your suggestions on what subtopic I... show more

Everybody I ask tells me they don't care, but they're like, really rude about it.

Since I was little I've always asked question. Lots of people I've noticed seem to find this annoying. Sometimes I ask questions just to make sure my info is right like in class for instance and people just roll their eyes or go ugh. I do well in class BECAUSE I ask so many questions. I have always had a... show more

Best answer: The Air Quality on Mercury The beginning of the End Hell on Earth Will we Live to Tell? Drowning in Our Own Waste Finding our Way Back to Eden When Bad Weather Ruins Everything

technology has enabled to get an education without actually being in a classroom, so shouldn't we be taking advantage of that on a systematic scale?

On a rectangular piece of cardboard with perimeter 19 inches, three parallel and equally spaced creases are made. The cardboard is then folded along the creases to make a rectangular box with open ends. Letting x represent the distance (in inches) between the creases, Using a graphing calculator to find the... show more

10 points Based on Holes by Luis sachar Chapter Nineteen & Twenty 1. Why was Stanley having difficulty sleeping? 2. Describe the racial makeup of Stanley s work crew. 3. How did Magnet get his nickname? 4. Why did Stanley get blamed for stealing from Mr. Sir? 5. Predict the consequences for Stanley s... show more

Need help with geography homework?

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Many people argue that since Earth has heated and cooled naturally in the past, the current warming we are experiencing must be natural and not due to human influence… Provide a succinct argument against this statement and in support of the fact that humans are in fact largely responsible for current global warming.

a. The down payment b. Closing costs c. Property taxes d. Insurance e. a and b (I selected (b), got it wrong)