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I currently work at a fast food restaurant that makes me stressed. I have no friends there and it affects my school. I only work 2-3 days a week but the days that I work it affects my school because my shifts start right after school and end at around 10pm so I barely have time to do my homework since I need to... show more

My 14 year old son had a fight after school with another boy in his year after school at the end of last term. The school have now reported it to social services. I am really quite cross as I went into school and met with teachers and head of year who said my son was genrally a well mannered and well behaved,... show more

I'm in high school is that weird?

School started last week on Wednesday and I'm a sophomore in high school this year, i go to a new school with only 150 students, my parents are making me go here because it's a magnet school. At my old school i had a lot of friends, at this school i haven't met anybody. At first everything was going... show more

in middle school i was super quiet. i went through all three years and i made one friend during that time, and she moved in 7th grade. im going into highschool next week and im afraid ill do the same thing. how do i be more outgoing and not mess up the way i did in middle school?

So, I just want my AS in Spanish. I am going back to school after taking a year off. I did not take any Spanish in high school, though. I’m passionate about the language and culture, I grew up in a predominantly Spanish-speaking community. From my friends from school, the classes were mainly about writing, and... show more

Were you a good boy/girl in school?

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Best answer: I think it is a myth that robots will take over the world and humans Because the creators of robots surely don't put something like human brain in robots' head

i dropped out of highschool at 17 i’m still 17 can i able to go back to highschool at all like regular classes again and will i still have the credits i left off with?

What's the point in school uniform?

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Best answer: It reduces bullying by creating a degree of uniformity, it doesn't eliminate it. It takes more to do that (though you'll still never get rid of bullying entirely.) A well chosen uniform simplifies things a lot. Otherwise you have to waste time and energy fighting the culture wars of what does or does not... show more

Okay, this is a bit long but please listen for just a second: I've been thinking about this for a while but now that a new school year has started, I'm getting increasingly worried about the safety of my school. My school has many doors that are left unlocked for various reasons, most likely for the... show more

I dropped out of high school in the 11th grade and am now trying to finish the work needed to get my diploma. When contacting the school i attended they said it shows that i transferred out, but that never happened. They said they don't have any records for me at all. I have proof that i attended in 11th grade... show more

I am a mother of two and I definitely didn’t realize what I did until afterwards. My kids and I moved after the hurricane badly affected our apartments. I never told the school we moved I completely forgot to let them know about the move. My kids alway car rode so I never had an issue with transporting them back... show more

Best answer: No, I learned what an obtuse angle was. That has been very useful to me...

Hey so I ve been away from school for 1-2 years now and i m looking to re-enroll, I did online schooling for a bit but neglected it and didn t complete anything, So I don t know if it s those transcripts I need. Or is it the school before that I completed 4 credits?

Best answer: i would stick it out and get your diploma. its basically the same as a GED but people tend to look at people with GEDs like theyre just drop outs. its very judgemental

(This should be pretty self-explanatory, but I'm curious). My son's going into 8th grade and wants to attend a private Catholic school for high school. I'm not overly religious, nor did I attend a Catholic school, so I'm wondering what kind of questions they ask on their entrance exams. I know... show more

Should I do my summer reading?

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I’m a freshman who’s taking English honors. it’s a requirement we read two books and write two outlines for each book. me being the teenager I am, I procrastinated. school starts on Wednesday (two days) but the actual assignments aren’t due until Friday. I was wondering if it’s worth doing? should I skip? like is... show more