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My mother received a life insurance payout after my fathers death. She owes money to the IRS (10K). She wants to pay the IRS half of what she owes (5k) but, just curious can they cease the entire funds? She wants to gift me half of the payout ($5K) Would I be held liable to pay taxes on that money? Would the IRS... show more

Do I get income tax at 17?

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Best answer: You may use a PO Box as your mailing address on federal tax returns, but the IRS requires you to include your street address as well. You may also use a PO Box as a mailing address for any mail you receive. It will be up to the individual employer as to whether they require a street address.

Does NYS report tax changes to the IRS?

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My grandmother recently inherited a large sum (over $10,000.00 US dollars) after her brother passed away. However, when she gets the check it will be in Polish currency. She tells me that she is not going to get taxed for inheritance, but she doesn't know about whether or not "Uncle Sam" is going to... show more

Why don't they just let California burn?

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I have a tax question?

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I was just wondering if someone delivers pizza for a living & if that someone finances a new or used car & they use it for deliveries, can they write of the payments on their taxes?

Are the terms “luminescence” and “phosphorescence” interchangeable?

How to get a tax return ?

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If you are self-employed and it hasn't been a year yet. This is your first year of working.

Would the State or IRS likely notice if I don't pay taxes?

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State is Virginia. I won $2500 dollars by hitting 4 numbers on a lottery ticket. I took the ticket to the Richmond lottery headquarters yesterday and I came away with my check for the full amount. The staff told me that for those smaller amounts they do not withhold the taxes themselves and it is my... show more