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Do you think Angelina Jolie is pretty?

16 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 5 days ago
Best answer: Hell no. I always found her ugly and most overrated celeb ever in terms of beauty. My personal favorite celeb who I find most gorgeous is Felicity Jones.

Does she dislike me and think I’m ugly af?

7 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 1 day ago
I'm a 21 year old guy who’s quiet and can look nervous when I go to appointments with this lady job advisor who's about 32 years old and when I get up to go from the end of an appointment she would say ‘awwww’ (like rrrrrrr) before saying bye (maybe as a gap filler) and I sometimes say thanks very much out... show more

Is olive oil good for hair?

7 answers · Hair · 5 hours ago

Best answer: Sure. My sis has let hers go natural, and it looks lovely.

Can i wear overalls at 17?

17 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 1 day ago
or is that sad?

Do men find thin women unattractive??

26 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 2 days ago
I’m currently at a good weight but I still think clothing looks better on thinner body frames so I’m planning on shedding about 15-20 pounds. The thing is that I’ll lose most of my breast and butt fat in this process and will most likely be on the “flatter” side. Do men find that ugly and unattractive??? I don’t... show more

Which one is less attractive?

20 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 2 days ago

Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old?

38 answers · Makeup · 3 days ago
BB cream, mascara, light nude eye shadow, and lip gloss. I want to get eyeliner soon too. Is this too much? Best answer gets 10 pts!

Best answer: For a long time, I kept my naturally curly hair just below shoulder length. I rotated my styling between wearing it down, gathering the bangs and temple hair in a barrette, using a zig zag part, tying it up in a messy bun or wearing it back and sometimes French braids. But, then I turned 57 and opted for a... show more

Don't you just love how Trump owns the liberals?

8 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 hours ago

Poll: have you got any wrinkles?

27 answers · Makeup · 3 days ago

What color skirt should a man wear?

18 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 3 days ago
Best answer: A man can wear any color skirt. Free choice

What is this haircut called?

9 answers · Hair · 13 hours ago
The hairs are not equally sized on the sides. . Somewhere it has long hairs (on the ear) and somewhere short hairs (on the forehead). . I want to have this haircut. But don't know how to explain it to the barber and if I know the name of this haircut i can search it on google for details and pictures.

Do you like ripped jeans?

13 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 2 days ago
Best answer: It depends where they're ripped.

How do you get rid of dark under eye circles?

10 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 24 hours ago
Any makeup products, home remedies, or cream recommendations are appreciated.