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Best answer: it's the Blockbuster troll

Like is there a difference in how I send it compared to sending a letter within the same state or country as me? Asking about what is needed on the envelope or for the post office, etc

I financed a vehicle 1 day ago, how many days does it take for my car loan statement from Bank of America take to get mailed to me? My mail sometimes goes missing and I definitely don't want my first statement to go missing. I want to know when I could expect to get the statement so I can look out for it in the... show more

Is an accounting degree worth it?

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I am on a team of 3 supervisors (Overseeing morning, afternoon and night shifts) that supervises 9 employees. I am the least senior of my supervisors, and I have worked as a coworker to all of my current employees. None of them like to listen to what I say, and since I'm new at this I don't know how to... show more

I ordered something recently but I want to be home when it comes? So would it be possible for me to schedule it a day later?

I know inflation is inevitable. but to me, the prices during my teen and 20's which was 80's and 90's are the way it is supposed to be reasonable prices of things. I was in CA and back then, movies were $4-7, gas was $1-2/gal, average 2 bedroom apartment rent was $500-800. Most of fastfood combo meals... show more

EBay seller question?

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Best answer: You can send it however you want. Whatever will cost you less. For non-business customers, USPS is usually cheaper. See if the item will fit in a Flat Rate Priority box. If it will, at 25 pounds, you will NOT ship it any cheaper any other way with USPS, and almost definitely not any cheaper with UPS. The large... show more

I have been tracking my UPS package and it arrived in my city on Friday. However, since then it has not made any progress. Why does it take them 4 days to deliver my package if its been in my city since Friday.

What will Bitcoin be worth in 2025?

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Wells Fargo cashier check online?

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I requested a cashier check online for $xxx.xx and attached with my dads name and address. Says $10 fee and a $8 delivery fee. Is that for next day delivery? And how long after submitting it will it take for them to take it out of my balance? Is it next day mail delivery? First time dealing with a cashiers check.

With the Brexit deal deadline almost up one of the concerns is the border control between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It seems the British can’t decide if there will be a soft border or hard border. Reunification for both Ireland’s could be a possible solution but what impact does it have on the... show more

I bought a prepaid shipping label and sent it to a relative to send me some of my items. She put it on the wrong box and it was returned to her. It was supposed to go on a large usps flat rate box. Can the label be reused if it’s put on the right box?

I have an aa im accounting?

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I want to finish my bachelors.. I am 22 years old.. if I finish this degree will my only option be working in accounting?

Best answer: No. You print out the label and apply it securely to the package. If necessary, put some shipping tape over it to protect from moisture.

Best answer: It means they yet know for sure exactly what date will be your shipping date. It's like "TBA" -- To Be Announced. Have you ever seen an ad for concert that told you when and where, told you who would be performing as the headliner and how much tickets cost, but listed "TBA" as the opening... show more

About my delivery...?

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Best answer: SCAM. SCAM, SCAM Do NOT send this person any money you don't want to lose. Don't let your desperation to get to the USA cloud your common sense. 1. Why would an official American immigration person use a free email account ? Answer is they won't 2. why do you want you send money to Belarus ?... show more

For example, when they see the tiniest scratch on something and they expect 90 percent off, so we tell them there has to be significant damage for us to even give 10 percent off. But sometimes our managers approve a 5 percent discount just to shut them up and get them out of there! But what would happen if we just... show more