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Best answer: If you're applying for a part-time job, your availability should be discussed during the interview. Be careful about being too rigid in your days and hours. Most employers are willing to work around your school schedule however.

I have dealt with scammers before, clear ones, really convincing ones, etc. This person says: "Pay half and pay the other half in 30 days if not less then there day.. I get paid weekly and do side jobs and try to find a moped for my girlfriend" "I have been trying 2 find one 2 pay off within 30 day... show more

And would just a normal first class stamp be enough?

My friend sent me a letter via Priority Mail Express a week ago, with tracking. On the USPS website and within the USPS app it still reads “Label created, not yet in system.” My friend swears it has been sent. What gives? Is it possible it’s on the way but that the tracking never updated? The confirmation sent to... show more

I could be mistaken but I thought there was places you could go , wait in line hoping for a job for the day . Anything like this??

I am thinking time and a half but my girlfriend claims double time. I work Tuesday to Saturday. Normally if I work on a Monday and extra 8 hours in a week which would be 48 hours is time and a half. She claims because this Monday is a holiday Memorial Day it should be double time. Her reasoning because... show more

so We work for the state and we have mandatory trainings to out of the city so we all have to car pull together as coworkers and the driver gets reimbursed for driving to and from. so on the way back the driver keeps making comments about gas and how we keep getting low on gas because we have to run the air... show more

Best answer: Silver goes for a little over $14 an ounce so you paid about right, just a few cents over market price

I am 47 california resident stopped working or retiring now. i ran on SSA.gov projected benefits about 17xx if i retire at age 62 or 23xx at 67 , does the benefit go down when i retire now if so approx how much ?

Best answer: Cheap land, cheap labor, lax laws. Sometimes they'll even get paid, in terms of tax breaks and incentives, to mvoe into a place, if they are bringing enough jobs to the area.

If I own a computer I’m leasing but want to sell it. And will continue to make my payments since it’s boosting my credit is that legal ? Would I get in trouble for selling something I’m leasing from rent a center as long as I continue to make the payment

In other words will there be enough room for me and the box which the Box will probably be about 68 to 70 inches.

I ordered something from eBay a couple days ago and forgot to include my apartment number but didn’t realize until after I had completed the payment and everything. I informed the seller a couple mins later to make the correction and they said they’d send it to my corrected address. However, whenever I check the... show more