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Best answer: A staighto a little drugs are good you need to live a bit before you die

Best answer: because English sucks!

It's not alot.

Do I need a comma here?

9 answers · 13 hours ago
"Did you come here to talk me to death?" snapped Junia frustrated. DO I need a comma after JUNIA

Meaning of red?

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I have checked the definition, however, if someone said to you. You exceeded the pass mark of a test would that mean you did a little better than the pass mark or went above and beyond and aced it?

What's another word for wife?

9 answers · 2 days ago
I'm writing a story about a rather nasty person and need some unpleasant words to call some one's wife. But I'm drawing a blank, any thoughts?

Best answer: Fifty, sixty years ago, all of them would have been heard. Today, you MIGHT hear 'swell'. Those synonyms for 'good', 'wise' or 'smart' are long-outdated.

i found a word "advanced" in Opera Mini's setting. is it a verb or adjective?

Is "problematic" a real word?

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Best answer: Yes it is......

Best answer: People watched from the other building.

Best answer: An expression of thanks for an kind action, or a kind word , advice. Or it could even be a gift . It is something that is of great value for the receiver that will benefit the person, emotionally, physically or materially.

Best answer: It's short for 'buddy', which is a very informal word meaning 'friend' (usually a male).