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Movie fans use Rotten Tomatoes to see if a movie is worth watching. Should readers use something like Goodreads to see if a book is worth buying?

Best answer: Well, I don't think they all hate each other. Maybe some feel envious about other writers because in a way they are competing to get to be known or to have some transcendence by standing out from the crowd, as there are so many writers. So maybe it's a question of being afraid they will be overshadowed by... show more

Best classic novel you've read?

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Seriously, the list is too long to fit in one update box. I'll include the list in a comment.

My bestfriend just had a child, and I will be like the child’s aunt, so I am trying to find a cute nickname for the child to call me. I’m only a teenager so I want it to be a young-sounding type of name. My name is Lexi is that helps lol. Any suggestions ??

I need a good book asap?

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I’m in my mid twenties, female, I love fantasy, mystery, romance, etc. A book or series with all of those things would be awesome if possible!

so i have lately been writing about the girls i like at school and all the things i would do to them when i see them but i realized that i feel like if my parents read this stuff and ill get in trouble or be embarrased so how can i keep my parents from seeing it and no im not throwing out the journal

I have never not finished a book i started, but this one.. oh god, it's literally torturing me. I have read books that i did not agree with completely, or did not enjoy that much, but never a book whose every word in it i disagree with. The book is called ''the science gap'', and it was... show more

Best answer: I prefer physical books, especially to read right before I go to sleep. reading on a screen just isn't as relaxing. something about the light just keeps your mind a bit more hyped up.