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What was the last photo you took?

7 answers · Photography · 3 days ago

Photographer professional?

5 answers · Photography · 1 day ago
How do i get more like on my sunset and i want to become a photographer professional i have Nikon d40 and i dont have job or can ford the money right now so how can i get more likes on my instagram i dont need the frame i just want to get more likes then 10

How do I open this picture frame?

7 answers · Photography · 4 days ago
I’m really stumped. I tried twisting the prongs, I tried pulling them out with pliers, but it won’t work! How do I open this picture frame?

What paper is best for soft pastel?

7 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 4 days ago

If I use a bottle of Coca Cola in my artwork, is it copyrighted?

7 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 4 days ago
For my graphic design project in school I am thinking of drawing a can of Coca Cola, a can of Fanta, and a can of Sprite. But is it illegal to use their brand names in my art because of copyright?

Is this drawing okay?

11 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 6 days ago

What is “Breaking the Rules” in photography?

5 answers · Photography · 3 days ago

What are some huge things in this photo?

9 answers · Abuse and Spam · 6 days ago

Where can i store my photos?

6 answers · Photography · 5 days ago
I recebtly started a Photography hobby and i have a lot of images on my computer. Where can i store them, so that if something happens to my laptop, i wont lose them? Also, if i upload them to Google photos, will i be the only one seeing them, or other people can see them too?

How to make teeth look bigger in photo?

9 answers · Photography · 7 days ago
I know this a random question but I recently took a photo of my teeth. I need to make them look larger, in the photo. Is there any photo editor or anything to do this with?

Free drawing websites?

4 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 4 days ago
Best answer: Use your browser search bar, as I realize many don't use Google as home page and type in "Free drawing websites" and hit the search key or hit the enter key and BE AMAZED. So much is there. Use up the Free trial period and move on to a different site. If you have Windows 10, they have some in the... show more

Will she have to take off her top?

Should I create a Instagram page for her?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 4 days ago
My girlfriend is really into anime And she also loves drawing anime style people. She has always wanted her anime drawings to Be seen by people around the world and I really want to support her the best way I Can in helping her art get out there in the world. Should I create an Instagram page for her and put her... show more

Photo tips?

7 answers · Photography · 1 week ago
How do I take nice looking pictures? Any basic tips?

Best answer: Why do you want to do this? Is it to keep up with the hoards of people out there doing the same? Get on with life and forget about selfies. If you really feel you must do this, go on youtube and learn the basics of posing and practice for a week.