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Not to mention better fuel economy?

I only use the car on weekends, as I take public transportation to work. So with the exception of occasional road trips, I rarely drive

I got my first car 5 months ago so still learning the basics. I don't often drive my car I only use it for going to the store and driving it for traditional purposes. But should I still brush the snow off my car today. Will snow harm the car?

Oil Change.?

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I just recently gotten an oil change which is good for 6,000 miles. Should i still check my oil every once in a while to see if im low on oil or just wait to get a new oil change? Im new to this car thing. Everything is so confusing.

What is a tyre iron used for?

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It’s a 2001 model...should I look elsewhere?

I was wondering since car dealerships typically have several staff members who process info on the price of the repairs, as well as a cashier who receives all the payments. Therefore, since the payments don’t go directly to the mechanic, can he (mechanic) still rip you off?

So my mechanic tried calling me at 4 today, I assume he was calling me to tell me my car was ready for pickup but i don't know because my stupid voicemail is acting up. I was at work and did not get out until 6, they close at 5. Will they charge me for leaving my car overnight?

My tire thread is in “yellow” on the tire chart. I HAVE to drive about 5 hours and 30 minutes to go get my little sister. Will i be Ok for driving there and back ? I have A 2015 car, which I’m sure none of that matters. Lol. Thanks in advance.

Best answer: Apparently, whatever the car encountered that bent the tie-rod also bent the frame or other suspension/steering bits . . . . . now that a straight tie rod is installed the system is binding due to other damage. Would have expected the shop to have noted the other damage - - - surely the allignment is off at the... show more

I wanted to install fog lights on my new car. I’m 22 with absolutely no experience in wiring. So to save myself money, I researched online on how to do it. Well, from what I’ve read and seen online, I just needed to connect it to the fuse box, but I had trouble deciding on which location it needed to be in, so I... show more

2002 Camry with 188,000 miles Starter has been replaced. Battery replaced a year ago and alternator test good. Every time I start the car it would crank 3-4 times before starting. All electrical are good. Can’t figure why it takes so many cranks to start.

Transmission cooler replaced?

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Last week I had a Transmission cooler replaced on 03 Ford expedtiton 5.4l. I put fluid in to drive to shop without any problems. The truck was fixed and after I paid went out back to drive it, it would only go in reverse and not move forward. I was told there were metal shavings and fluud was black and that I... show more

How much to install a seat belt?

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Best answer: If you are in California or New York (and probably any of the other CARB states) the problem is undoubtedly CARB compliance. Since all three shops initially thought they could do it aftermarket, I suspect the EFN from the VECI sticker on the underside of the hood was not in range. See the source. In the CARB states... show more