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Is Trade School more valuable than college/university?

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How to afford a big home as a single mom???????

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Theres a girl michelle who works with me and she is 36, she has 2 daughters and she lives in a beautiful house, and she drives a 2010 mercedes benz. The kids father walked out of they're lifes when the girls were little. But she only works weekends both Saturday and Sunday, 12hr shifts in a... show more

I work in a warehouse. One of the warehouse employees had a small for sale sign with his phone number taped onto the rear window of his vehicle, and apparently it caused one of the guys from sales to get very upset. Ultimately the employee was allowed to keep his sign, and we all thought it was hilarious how far it... show more

‭How soon is too soon to request to change my hours at work?

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So I just started working as a sales associate last week and I do enjoy it but I ve been closing every shift and don t want to do it anymore. I ve been getting off at 10:30 pm each night but now I want to ask my boss if I can change my hours to leave at maybe 7:30pm or 8pm. I ll be honest, the reason why I don t... show more

I'd barely passed every school year until I finally dropped out at 16. I became completely isolated. I stopped talking to friends altogether and became a caregiver for my grandparents making $100 a week. I live with my parents, my grandparents live next door. I've basically had no contact outside of my... show more

Would Anthony Weiner make a great Supreme Court Justice?

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Best answer: if he had an (R) cons would love him

Why do employers so often require you to manually type in your entire job history?

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It's nearly 2019... why do so many employers make you type in your entire work history, when you can just upload your resume/CV onto their website? Do they not realise that many applicants are also applying for many other jobs (some are being made to), and that we have to go through this nonsense again and... show more

Is this fair ?

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Best answer: Since you don't know what the actual issue happens to be...don't pass any judgment. Perhaps she got beat up last night by that boyfriend...but still came to work. I think your co-worker handled it well, letting everyone know she was having a rough day and didn't want people to take it the wrong way. ... show more

Is there a way to cancel a Target job application?

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I just recently applied a job for Target on their website and wonder if I can cancel because I had stupidly forgotten than students in school and only work a limited amount of hours. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP

Best answer: Because they got a degree in a field which employers (rightly or wrongly) put little value on. Maybe there are lots of them? Marine biology is a field for example which graduate far more people each year than there are jobs. For example, there are few jobs for people with a degree in 14th century French poetry... show more

Should I talk it out to my boss ?would this be okay to say to my boss. ?

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Okay so he already thinks I don’t like him but that’s not true . He thinks I’m intimidated by him , which is also not true . He’s not talked to me about this instead he tells my co/workers , idk how I feel about that , that’s what I want to talk about , it bothers me when he addresses certain things about me to my... show more

Will I be drug tested at new job?

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Best answer: Testing is entirely at the employer's discretion and no one here can know for certain what this specific employer's intentions are. It is NOT safe to assume that just because some positions specifically mention testing that any position that doesn't will not be tested. It is entirely possible that... show more

So I been told by work through text that there will be no more for me until further notice. And tbh saw this coming because of standard i have not been meeting. So i was thinking of quitting. I need the money that I worked from last week so can i come in on payday to get it even if i’m technically fired.

A company that works within a place you were terminated from?

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So I worked for Best buy for about 5 years or so. Christmas was coming and many of my friends and family knew that I had a discount. They asked for suggestions for gifts and other necessities and I willingly offered them my discount. A couple months forward I was approached about my discount and asked if I was... show more

My current employer is going to be at a career fair I’m attending?

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I work for a state wide bank and I am attending a career fair in a few weeks. I just found out the bank is attending. I am not a banker at heart I have an accounting degree and I want to get into the accounting field and there’s a lot of CPA firms at this fair. I’m now nervous someone from the bank that knows me is... show more

so yesterday at like 530 ish or something i send a text to my manager saying this: “hey ___, i just wanted to let you know that i don’t think i’ll be able to come in tomorrow. for the past few hours i’ve been throwing up and i have a fever. ” and she read it at 6 typed for a few min and never responded and now my... show more

Best answer: It depends how much financial reserves you have. I would probably look for a job I could leave any time to make my reserves dwindle slower, even if it is working for a lot less money. Applying for three positions in a couple of months is not lot. I do understand about not wanting a less paying job long term, but... show more

She thinks she is prettier than everyone just because she has a tall boyfriend and refuses to help people.. she’s not even that pretty and looks like a Skelton

Best answer: Usually they don't call if a person doesn't get the job. Safe to say that you didn't get the job or you would have heard from them long ago. When you go for an interview ask when they plan to stop accepting new applications and doing interviews. Some places have closing dates; others are open until... show more