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I work for a cleaning agency, I have 4 offices that I clean. I had key fobs for all of them until 2 Tuesdays ago when I was mugged on my way to work. I spoke to my agency and they said I need to sort out getting new key fobs with the companies. 2 of the companies gave me a fob for their building. One company said I... show more

Isn't it true that full time is not always 40 hours?

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My mom thinks my job is cutting my hours. I am a full time employee at a retail company and I usually get anywhere from 37-39 hours per week depending on each week. For some reason, she thinks full time is equivalent to 40 hours. I rarely get 40 only if my boss is out of town. I am happy with my hours. Also, she... show more

Should you come in and spit all over the bosses desk?

I'm sick of having no job?

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I'm 28 and unemployed since I graduated from college. Im looking for practical advice and no rude, unempathetic answers. All I've ever been paid for is some random extra work. I feel like I'm wasting my time everyday. I look at other people working and being busy and wish I could be more occupied. I... show more

If something personal came up and it required me to miss two days of work, would I have to explain all of the reasoning to my employer?

I am a new grad with no job experience and I feel like this is the only way that I can get a job.

Should I hide private life at work?

10 answers · Law & Legal · 11 hours ago
I am a guy and 30 and work in an office, I am on good terms with them. However I have never discussed my personal life, I have a long term boyfriend, who I live with, we have been together five years, met in 2013. No one at work knows this, I don't know if I should discuss, I'm just concerned that if... show more

Best answer: Food network has a lot of good shows, but if you want to improve your skills without culinary school, head to youtube and start searching. There are many chefs and amateurs who will show you carefully new skills and new ideas and the neat thing that the TV shows won't do is closeups, tips, tricks and yet,... show more

Would anywhere hire me for six weeks?

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I have a six week break from school and would love to get a job, but I don't want to keep working once school starts back up again. Is there anyplace that would hire me for such a short amount of time? I was thinking about just McDonalds or something like that. Are they flexible in there schedules? Thanks in... show more

Am I likely to be fired for this?

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I did something REALLY STUPID AND INCONSIDERATE. I work at Kroger, (and am in probation period, I’ve only been there a month) and I had to go throw trash away for my department. I had bags FULL of lemons, and the trash had sat outside in the rain, so they were HEAVVVVY. I thought about asking for help, but was... show more

I need advice on full time hours and health insurance?

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I was under my parent's health coverage until my birthday passed this August. My job coded me to fulltime status in late September. I spoke with an HR representative today and she told me that she can send paperwork for insurance in December. Will my hours still stay full time if I don't have insurance... show more

Years? Like 2014-2018 instead of 2011-2018?

Can civil lawyers ever earn more than criminal lawyers?

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Best answer: Yes, that is obvious, most criminals can't afford a lawyer, but are still entitled so the state pays not a lot.

What should I do? I just want to kill myself.?

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I'm 25. I have a bachelors of science in natural sciences with an overall GPA of 3.44 on the 4.0 scale from a great and regionally-accredited school. I've sent literally millions of applications out for everything science-related and most employers don't reply back to me, and the ones that do tell me... show more

Will asking for too much money hurt my chances at a job?

7 answers · Health Care · 13 hours ago
I am a new dental assistant.Whenever i go on an interview and i get verbally asked or have to write down my expected salary i usually say $16, i googled what a entry level dental assistant should be making in my area and it said around $13.50, minimum wage here is $9.25, a lot of offices and a lot of people i... show more

I didn't know that he was in the room

Is it bad that I called out of work since I’m new?

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I only been working at my job for a week in the beginning I was doing bad but now I finally caught on and am told constantly that I’m doing a good job compared to my other job of getting bullied all the time and belittled..will it’s gonna be a big snow storm later today so I called out of work..I feel really bad I... show more