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The company I work for is bankrupt. This is a large well known company. If we don't have in an offer for *** Million dollars, we fold by June 1st this year. My question is, why during times like this; they are "promoting" seasonal work to core roles in different departments suddenly, when these same... show more

Costco Amazon Prime

What time period does UPS deliver?

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Best answer: Because either currently or at some point in time in the past that plant transported their product by rail.

Best answer: Return it, and don't use the gift card. This feels like it could be some sort of scam.

Best answer: question with one word answer - yes. I did not read detail

If so what's the secret to producing domestically?

And open the backdoor to bigger better financed Chinese tech companies

I had an amazon prime package that was delivered today, and during that time I was out of the apartment for 10 mins. When I came back home I noticed the package sitting on my front balcony, which the deliveryman only could've accessed by walking into the apartment. That means he/she must've walked in, and... show more

Why is walmart better than Amazon?

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When will money become obsolete?

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I don't like it one bit. I believe money was created to enslave us. Humans never used money for millions of years; until the last stages of Atlantis (Atlantis began it's demise around 25,000 BC). Some of my psychic-friends have indicated we won't need money by 2035. That seems too early for me.... show more

Whats wrong with aol?

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Which way is walmart?

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