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I have a balance of $5k on my card. I've been paying the minimum payment every month and it really gets me nowhere. I'm hanging onto the money I have in my checking account in case I have an emergency. It makes me feel better knowing the cash is there. I could probably make a 2k payment to my credit card... show more

I checked my account and saw that my account was 6 thousand dollars negative, I contacted my bank and they said it was an error on their part and will give the money back this Monday. Monday is now here as I contacted them again and now they are saying it might take another day or so, I have bills to pay and a... show more

So yesterday I received a letter in the mail in an unlabeled envelope. I opened it up and saw that 'PayPal Credit' had sent me a $300 check saying "Please accept the attached check for your credit balance on your PayPal Credit account." I never made a PayPal credit account and it doesn't make... show more

I purchased a item with my credit card two days before my monthly due date which is the 20th of every month, I already have the balance on my credit card but no minimum payment amount or statement. today the 20th but is only been two days since purchase, should i pay or wait for the next billing cycle?

I just want to know how much is the highest or what company is giving the highest credit limit in 1 card.

I'm in emergency with financial issue...

I am $20,000 in debt at the moment. I've had Bill collection agencies calling me. For 2 years. I have the money now to pay Off all my debt but I'm not sure how to go about with this. I say this because I've been told it's not good to just pay off your debt. Any advice pleas? Thanks!

Or more like: how does it work? When you apply for a loan, you can just state your income. Why don’t they want to verify?

How do you raise a FICO score?

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The only things on my credit report are my school loans, which are not due until after graduation, so no time soon. An old cable bill and an eviction judgement because my parents didn’t pay the rent (once I turned 18 the landlord made me sign the lease, because in their eyes I was a roommate and no longer a child)... show more

do your parents give you money? how much? do you mostly use debit or credit card?

Stolen Credit card info?

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I just paid a bill over the phone. I had to give my card info. I feel that was a huge mistake. What should I do?

I paid off my credit card about 2 years ago and I stopped using the card.

Can I use a credit card like this?

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I have credit card w $500 limit. I have to buy a fridge tomorrow, cant do it any other day. The fridge is $550 w/out tax. Could I put about $60 on the credit card to give it a “negative charge” and then put $550 on the credit card for the fridge...? I’ve seen small negative charges like $2 but wanna make sure his... show more

If it's an auto loan the lender can reposess your car. If it's a home loan, the lender can repossess your house. If it's a credit card you aren't making the payments on, the credit card company can cancel your card. But can the student loan lender repossess your education or cancel your degree?