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Best answer: The truth is, you only need about two or three million to stop working permanently, and get that amount or more in interest, just from a regular term deposit or real estate, but the more you have, well, people get greedy and want for example women who like money, those women often like drugs, which well, I think... show more

Best answer: I DO love my job; I also depend on that job to help build my savings

Some fraudsters got a hold of my account and paid in a cheque in my name (forged) of the amount £9500. My account was already overdrawn by almost £1000 (I have a student overdraft limit of £1000). Was it right for the bank to let the cheque clear?

Economic freedom in the usa?

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its about time that the government told americans that there is no economic freedom, you do not have the right to economic freedom, the usa is NOT a capitalist country, **** you.... you do with your money... what the **** WE SAY you CAN.. and if you don't like it, get the f)uck out.

Quit my job yesterday. I am supposed to get a direct deposit in two days. Will it be directed to my checking account as it’s supposed to? They asked if I wanted my last check to be mailed it or picked up.

Best answer: 10% is a realistic goal to start with, and increase the percentage over time. 50+ to retirement are the prime years for building savings, and those years we were putting away between 20% and 25% of what we earned.

i have 60000 in savings and 0 debt. this has made me not very active in seeking a this normal or do i still need to give a damn about finding a job when im covered financially for the next 4 yrs?

Question about a loan?

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I just got approved for a loan for $1,100. I was told that it was a nine month term where I would be making weekly payments of $106. I don’t understand this logic; at the rate of $106/week the loan would be payed off waaay sooner than nine months. I asked them and still didn’t understand the answer. Someone please... show more

How to make fast easy money?

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Best answer: sell crack on a downtown street corner.

I’m a 20 year old who hasn’t had a real job in her life . Once I graduated high school in 2016 I started to apply to different places to work but nothing really worked out .Around July 2017, a person I know from church had her baby boy and she needed help to babysit since she does house cleaning and needed the... show more

My previous debit card recently expired and I activated my new card over the phone but I can't access my online banking. I'm sure I didn't forget my username or password because I wrote that down on paper and I just recently started online banking in the past month.

How to get rich?

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I have the credit and the money to lease one, here is my delimma, I own a 2017 Honda fit that i am upside down in, i owe 18500 and the car is literally worth 9500. I pay 450 dollars for a car that sucks because of this because i traded in another car and got upside down, the people at the dealership didnt tell me... show more

Said I had more money then I actually did. So I withdrawal 90$ and thought everything was good. But no. When I checked my balance today it said I owed 75$ I was outraged and they apologized and said I had to pay it though even though it was there fault. Will someone give me advice. I do not want to pay them just... show more

Best answer: There's no way for her to pay her bills from your paycheck stubs. If she wants to know how much money you make, she should ask you. Then, if you think she has a good reason for knowing, you can tell her. Or you can tell her it's not her business. Almost sounds like she's trying to pull some sort of scam. show more