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Best answer: No you don't. Anything that was hers before marriage remains her sole property. Even after marriage, property she inherits remains hers.

How can i save money?

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i’m a server & also a high school student (lol). i work about 4-5 days out of the week and usually make almost 300 or around there… it really depends on the days if we’re busy or not you know? but anyways yeah & we also get paid every week and my deposit is usually 20-40$ and that usually goes to my Apple... show more

Do you have a 401k plan, for instance, if you work for yourself from home?

Best answer: Keeping a large amount of cash is not very smart. Keeping it in a bank allows you write checks, pay with a debit card, send money electronically, and (in some cases) make a little interest. Furthermore, it's a lot safer in a bank. If any kind of fraud occurs, you are fully protected.

Is it good to have both?

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Is it good or bad to have both a 401k and Roth IRA?

I have 7000 in my savings. I make 3200 a month take home pay. I’ve been doubling my car payments but should I just pay it off and start saving from there?

Best answer: Sure. With today's technology, you can live anywhere and use any bank.

Can I afford a $17,000 car?

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Best answer: You can afford it. As to a "wise decision" that depends on the soundness of the car. Spend some bucks and have a mechanic check it out (or buy "certified and warranteed" at a dealership). >> Price insurance, too. That is a major expense. Some people save a small fortune using public... show more

I want to make sure my money and my properties and most of my assets goes to my oldest daughter she is over 18 and lives away from me. How can I make sure all of that goes to the person I want when I die

My significant other will soon be 18. They currently live with very abusive parents, both emotionally and physically. Once they re an adult their parents have said they won t get any support or funds for college. On top of that, they are non binary and have been binding for over a year. As an adult they would... show more

I'm re-posting an earlier question due to poorly phrasing it. I was not asking if this was enough for retirement. I was wondering if this amount would make you feel financially secure at the age of 58. - And, while you are still working.

Help!! Answer question?

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I am almost 23... I have 19,000 dollars in the bank..... how do I survive? While trying to finish my bachelors in two years?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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This is for people who know Bankruptcy and don’t use Google. I have a loan and my Grandmother co-signed. It’s a $21,000 loan that was used to get me started when I graduated high school. I benefited from the loan she didn’t at all. She also is extremely ill and doesn’t even remember co-signing the loan. After two... show more

How can I land £5k in one month?

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I'm so broke. No jobs, no eligibility for loans, nothing to sell, not into gambling or prostitution, can't find a legit GoFundMe kind of site.

Most extreme ways to save money?

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Best answer: Live in your car. Attend free seminars, open houses, etc. to obtain free food. Use public bathrooms. Shower at a gym or pool.