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Here's the situation: I recently moved into a university-type housing complex with two other guys who are like me (grad students, busy, quiet, respectful). The complex filled the room above me in the same townhome with a guy that has become an absolute nightmare. He's constantly having friends/family stay... show more

I had a second viewing yesterday on my flat which seemed to go well but have not heard anything from the estate agents today

Hello, what would in your opinion be a fair split of rent for a studio apartment, assuming everything is shared equally (room size, utilities, etc.)? The only thing is, this roommate would be staying for five nights per week and going back home on the weekends. I don't think 50/50 would be fair as I would... show more

Why would they remove their sign post?

Best answer: Actually it is arguable the leasing agent does have a legal obligation to not identify where a resident lives. As an agent of the renter and the landlord, the leasing agent has a "fiduciary duty" to both the renter and the landlord which could include protecting the identity of both parties. Thus when... show more

As sad as it sounds, i’m in college and I don’t know if I should be. I’m taking some of my GE classes but what type of a degree will it give me when i’m done? Should I tell my counselor that I’m specifically looking to be a real estate agent? She just gave me a General Education Gradute paper and circled classes... show more

Myself and my partner viewed a house on Saturday, and I fell in love. House up for 265,000. We put in an offer the following Monday for 252,500. Declined straight away. We then put in 258,000. It was declined and the estate agent said they wanted closer to the 260,000 mark. We then put up our offer to 259,000 on... show more

How can I cut my roommates power?

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So she’s a ***** and refuses to pay me her utilities. I changed the internet password and she’s flipping her ****. But she always leaves all the power on. So how can I shut the power off on her when we’re gone?

Would you move out?

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When I moved into this apartment (which is within my landlords home), it was understood that all the neighbors parked in front of their own homes. My landlord had me parking infront of her home. The neighborhood doesn t have even 1 street light and it s pitch black at night. A tenant who is a young guy in his 20 s... show more

Best answer: There are some costs and risks to moving but it sounds like its worth trying it, in your situation. $300 is a lot of money and so long as you can handle the move with minimal costs then you will probably come out ahead in the long run.

I'm the only one on the lease with my landlord, but my landlord has given me permission to sublet one of the rooms in the two bedroom unit that I have rented. I searched for a long time for roommate, and the girl who was interested in the place signed the lease with me, and gave me the deposits (security/damage... show more

I am moving into a half house and I'm wondering whether I need to connect electricity myself, or whether the house will already have electricity and I will be paying a portion of the whole bill produced by myself plus the tenants in the other half of the house? I will be asking the agent but right now it's... show more

I have a home that I build on my parents property 21 years ago under the promise that the land would be put in my name after I had lived here 5 years. The 5 years came and went and my parents refuse to put the land in my name. They also refuse to sell me enough land so I can sell my home and move. My house is... show more