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I had two kids already before I met him and I bought and paid off my house. And I mean paid off as in no mortgage no rent just the yearly taxes. Well I became a single mom and met my current boyfriend. We have been dating over a year and found out im having a baby. My house is only a 2 bedroom so we decided to put... show more

So we live in a 3 unit apartment that's for sale. its an old building that could deffinatly use a bit of fixing up. There is currently a pending sale (not closing till June) One of my roommates had talked to the guy trying to buy it and he said that he wasn't planning on flipping it, or making money off it... show more

Our driveway sits next to our neighbor's driveway. We would like to erect a 4 feet high wood fence in between for privacy. Also our neighbors dont blow leaves or plow snow, hence we have to do theirs to keep our driveway clean which is causing double cost for us. If we built the fence, their driveway will be... show more

I lived in a house for 3 years with my family owned by my mother we paid bills but never rent. Left for 2 months for work which left the house vacant. She kicked us out and moved our things without warning and moved skmeone in with our things in the house

Overall which state has a better quality of Life

Unfortunately, I was laid off and unable to pay my rent. I had a really good job and it’s not easy to find another one right away. I’m worried about getting evicted, I live alone and pay everything myself, I have no way to afford it for May. Does Salvation Army help with a one time assistance?

I’m currently in the process of saving up for my first rental property. I’m only 18 years old and haven’t established a credit score yet. I have approximately $15k saved up in investments and in bank accounts. I have my own business and on average take home around 7-8k per month. I plan to buy the house towards the... show more

One of my roommates continues to smoke in my apartment despite it being a smoke free community as stated in the lease. My other roommate and I and the management has asked her to stop but she refuses to. What actions could I take to resolve the problem?

New Apartment & spotted 2 roaches?

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I need advice/help. We recently got the keys to our new place Friday & I was at work all day so I didn’t get a chance to move anything until Saturday. When going into my new apartment I spotted 2 small roaches. I have never dealt with a roach problem here in Arizona.. and I’m due in 3 weeks so my time is so... show more

So my girlfriend and I moved in together and both of our names are on the lease. We she never paid it and had an outstanding bill with the water company. We broke up and she moved out but will have to stay on the lease until the end of the year, can I call and turn the water on in my name if she’s still on the lease??

Georgia state court judge accept this, if both the tenant and landlord signs and agree to this in the lease? Or is it unacceptable legally to enforce this? Please explain. Details are good. Thanks.

Best answer: Get a roommate. What you can do is, rent a place with more rooms. Then, go get someone to live there with you. That way, you can save some money. And its possible that you might be able to live there. But, you cant get the place if you show low income.

State is Virginia, it is not section 8, and to be clear I am referring to cigarettes. Not prohibted in the lease might be the key words but in case I need to elaborate, I will. Earlier this month, the day before the move in, I was sitting in the office with the property manager, and she was walking me through the... show more

My mom is 80 has no assets and only very little savings. No 401k, no life insurance, nothing. Her social security and small pension has been able to cover the mortgage payment (she is upside down in the mortgage that she has only had 7 years - - - she sank all her savings into the house unwisely). She was... show more

We moved into a house,we are renting a room, the owner rented out her room which was the garage and moved into the living room. She then rented out the room besides us to airbnb. We would have never moved in if we knew she would do that.