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I can't stand society. There are very few jobs I'm good at. a) Do 10 degree sleeping bags really protect you from cold? b) Is there enough food to be found? c) Are wild-animals really dangerous? How can I protect myself? Advice Please

We can see the whole thing, and it is unavoidable. She even does it in the bathroom with the door open. One roommate says it is indecent exposure, etc., we can call the police, but another says it is perfectly legal but just rude. This is an off-campus apartment. It is like living in a porno flick.

My landlord (who is crooked) refuses to return my security deposit so I had to file a lawsuit against him. In return, he filed a counter lawsuit of $21,000 for lease violations. Is this even legal? I was under the impression that lease violations (if that’s what they “actually” are) are covered under the... show more

Best answer: I have done this. It was a couple who were married just after we all moved in together. They occupied one large bedroom, me the smaller one. (They were international students, the male in a Ph. D. program; oddly, the lady never spoke to me the entire time! She pretended not to understand English, but others told me... show more

We've lived in this house for about 40 years now. It is in a residential neighborhood in the city. We own our home and have seen a lot of neighbors come and go, mostly in rental properties surrounding us. The neighborhood has gone downhill some over the years. In a year or two, we're planning to move... show more

Best answer: I think you should be paying half what his friend pays, at least a significant amount less than his friend, as you say you're sharing a bed and a bathroom, which would be smaller than the other bathroom as well. How do you go about it?? just tell him what you think, the first thing to learn when you're... show more

This would not be a vacation rental. I am interested in a six month to one year lease. I don't like large apartment buildings. What is the best way to find a condo for rent? Your answer is appreciated. Thank you.

Best answer: Unless the house in a thriving market. Well or unless you expect an economic crash.

I have a house for sale two doors down from me for $230,000. It is the same design as mine. My house could use some work and I got a guy in for a window estimate. My brother and cousin say my house is only worth $100,000 but they don't know the market in my area. The guy that gave me an estimate said my house... show more

What do you call this person?

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Best answer: A real estate developer.

Best answer: No, you will not be in trouble. Just admit your mistake and tell the insurance agency to close the claim without requesting a settlement.

They were doing construction this morning on the sidewalk and they didn t want rocks to hit my car so they towed it. There was no sign, I did not get a notice of construction, none of my roommates got emails. Other cars also got towed from the spot. There was no way of knowing they were doing construction because... show more

My neighbors neighbor plays music so loud it can be heard through out my entire house, can t be tuned out with a fan and or tv. It s heard most in my sons room. It s everyday. Granted it is only a couple hours and before the noise ordinance, but it s literally everyday unless they aren t home. I just want some... show more

Just moved Waste Disposal?

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I just moved to Front Royal VA, and I can't find anyone that does pick ups, When I ask people they say look it up but they just bring theirs to the local dumpster. Is there a company that'll come to your house and pick up your trash? Who do I have to set this up with?

Best answer: if you have notified the LL of the problem in writing, follow procedures to sue your LL for breaching your lease as you can't peacefully enjoy your home. the CA tenant handbook is online and describes legal procedure play hard ball. you have a disability, you need the stairs clear to safely walk up and down,... show more

I’ve been renting a basement apartment for 6 months in the suburbs of New York. It was agreed that there would be no lease and rent would be month to month and I could leave or stay for as short or as long term as I wanted. $x.xx price included rent and all utilities including electric. I was renting from a nice... show more

What happened if I dont pay fine?

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When I bought a condo there was latice on the bacony and I lived there 2 years then condo management started to fine me $250 and I told them I didn’t install it and they said I still need to pay but I didnt pay and its over year $250 turn to $4500. What should I do now ?


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Read this and respond with your idea: Trying to help someone. Please!!!!! Urgent!!!! A college student who works part time and doing internship, she has no where else to live and been to a shelter and they can’t help so she leaves and her best friend excepts her in but for only three weeks because she’s living in... show more