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Should I go back to school?

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I'm currently 22 years old and I'm debating on whether or not I should go back to college. I completed one year at a University right after HS and decided to take time off because I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to pursue at that time. I knew I didn't want to waste money either. My biggest concern... show more

Can I test out off 112 and go straight to the speech class with 112 as a prerequisite? This stuff is high school tier anyway. All they want to do is make us read extreme left propaganda. I got an A in 111 despite it being the same thing,including a marxist professor. ( easy to win an argument against the left when... show more

I’ve been under alot of pressure lately since i am in high school going into senior year. At this point, i have 2 sides, the one that doesn’t care anymore since its senior year or the one that is extremely nervous about the college appplication. But thats not the problem... My problem is that i have low test... show more

I don't want to go to college because of the debt. It just seems like i'd spend the rest of my life working it off, so what's the point of wasting 4+ years. I'm 16 and have had the same job since i was 14. I work about 30 hours a week. My gpa is 3.6. I'm not looking to be rich, just to live... show more

Or is it just my schools?

I really love animals and it has always been my dream as a child to grow up and become a veterinarian but after reading abt how you have to go to school for 8 yrs and the end result is getting paid between 50k-70k when I first start and end up with abt 90k after yrs of experience. I which isn’t a lot considering... show more

Im just thinking ahead for next summer. Im starting my first year of college in about a week and im gonna be majoring in communications. Next summer I was thinking of doing some type of internship related to that but I honestly dont know how a lot of it works. Do you need more than one year of college to start?

Best answer: You and your mother should of gone on university visits, so both you and her could see the schools for yourselves before you applied as a freshman. You should of met with admissions and the head of your department, plus take a tour of the campus, ate in the dining hall and talked to a few students. Your excuse... show more

Best answer: You can file your complaint with the university ombud's office, but personally I don't see any "abuse." Four courses over an eight-week summer semester is an overloaded schedule. The semester is half the length, but the same material has to be learned as in a regular (15-week) semester, so... show more

I am 18 years old and I believe it is not right for me to go to college this year. University begins in 2 weeks and I am so terrified and anxious. When someone asks me "what aren't you ready for?" To be honest everything; the workload, new environment and most of all, people. I am a very shy person... show more

I am starting my university first year in month. what should i know and what should i take into consideration? any tips? both socially and educationally ^_^

My college roommate is a smoker???

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So I just found out that my soon to be college roommate smokes pretty often. Even though I will not be anywhere near him while he smokes, since it is not allowed on campus, will it negatively affect my lungs just by living with him?

Hi everybody. I went to my community college to pick my classes. They asked me about what I want to be in the future. I want to become a doctor and may major in biology. The councler picked for me math and eng and history and psychology. And they have (GE)written next to it. I'm confused. Why am I not taking... show more