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Ok, so I honestly don't mean to sound arrogant, but i'm currently a college student full time, and every time i'm in class and these boring lectures I can't help but think to myself "wow i'm going through all of this just to graduate and work a 9-5 job and then die". Again I don't... show more

I’m a senior in high school and I am almost ready to go to college. I just wanna know if I need to ask to use the restroom or just go (so I don’t humiliate myself)

I read an article on it with parents bringing their kids into the classroom and these teachers accepting it. Why would they even start a family while still in school. Don't think we would of seen this decades ago.

When do people arrive to parties?

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If the college party says it starts at 9, when should I arrive?

I think professors should fail their republican students

into college! Morons.

Best answer: As long as they are not the remedial classes that are offered for the people who don't do well on the placement tests. 100 level courses as the others have mentioned. Not something like 080 math. That's not going to count. The art class should count. But take English and Math as well.

sorority rush gpa requirement

I had a mixture of A's, B's, and C's in high school as far as grades. The majority of my classes were general, but I did have a few advanced ones (no AP courses, though.) The classes I struggled with most were Trig/Advanced Math and sciences, but one of my strongest subjects was accounting. My... show more

I feel like a loser?

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Best answer: My dad was like that too. He was just jealous that I knew lots of stuff he did not. He only had a grade 8 education and while he was self trained and worked as a master diesel mechanic he knew little outside of things he could see operate. In your case your dad has some emotional issue as a totally level headed... show more

(in the technical field)

Best answer: Agree

I just realized school sucks and It would be better to work for the post office.

Is graduating college a big deal?

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Best answer: It's an achievement one earns, usually through hard work. So celebrate your achievement. Even if you don't even get so much as a "congratulations" card from relatives & others, you know what you accomplished & what it took to get there. You don't need outside validation.

I’m changing my last name from Murphy to Toledo (my parents divorced when I was little and I’ve only ever lived with my mom) would it complicate the college application of my name is changed??? Should I wait to get accepted to college to change my name?