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Best answer: Isn't it like any other derogatory words people of all religions use either when surprised or angry? This question is far from stupid. Whether things are going good or bad, our Creator's name is used. Never do we hear "Damn Satan!" Never do we hear "Satan damn it!" Satan has worked... show more

What do you think about her?

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Best answer: Who cares? You're banging her be happy

What is your talent?

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When does smokers gets lung cancer?

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How long does it takes for a cigarette smoker to have a lung cancer?

here lately i've been developing this slimy, pungent goo between my ball sack and my bung hole. It itches so bad that i often have to slide it a bathroom and reach my hand down there and scratch the heck out of it. when i pull my hand out i've got every dog on the block coming 'round to see what the... show more

I think one of my teachers got a hold of my records and is disclosing it to people

Well, it's hardly a sore. It's about the size of a grain of rice, with a tiny red/dark spot in the middle. It's been there for months, maybe a year. I didnt think much about it today, when I thought that it might be skin cancer. I worked landscaping for 4 years and didnt wear sunscreen as much as I... show more

How do people get a cancer ♋️?

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Is it bad to have a cigar like 2-3 times a month?

My sister in law told me several times that she had ADHD when a kid and she totally healed and once told me that she used to attend classses for autism and ADHD but she never discussed the autism thing with me again.... Her son, my nephew, is 3 yrs old now and since he's 2 he has been showing signs of autism... show more

Best answer: if its mild and you are highly intelligent - I think I have heard of people being diagnosed with dyslexia after they have left college

Best answer: there can be

Is autism considered a disability?

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By autism, I mean everything from higher functioning to classic autism.

I am a 24 year old guy who is interested in becoming a truck driver but I was in special ed in school for minor learning disabilities and it seems like people who were in special ed have a harder time finding employment and have difficulty in all aspects of life compared to those who don't have any... show more