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he has dreamed of going into space since he was a small child. but since Obama closed down NASA and we dont go into space any more I dont have the nerve to tell him he cant get his dream. A neighbor said that in russia that they are still shooting people into space and she said he could move to russia after... show more

Shoukd homework be banned?

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I’m taking biology 1 this summer for like 8 weeks or something like that. Since my school ends at May 28, I leave at June 3rd and my online classes start at June 5th. I’m not sure if my parents would let me bring my PC on the plane, is it fine to do it on phone? I never did a online class before, and I searched on... show more

Best answer: You sound envious. Why don't you go put a relative in a private school and then judge what's nicer? Private schools are less testy, teachers have more freedom to teach outside the box these days. Public school teacher's these days must obsess over what and why their lesson plan for the day is what... show more

If I don’t do grad school idk what to do with my political science bachelors

For example : My mom and I will be riding in the car together . Or meet for lunch . We will have a 5 or 10 minute conversation about any given subject matter. She tells me that when we are talking to each other face to face, that my vocabulary is not very strong , and I use regular ordinary words. But she tells... show more

Best answer: turn hirn in , he shouldnt be doing that

Should private school become illegal?

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Best answer: .

Best answer: Money rules the world, nothing you can do about it.

Is my handwriting ugly?

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I know this is a stupid question. But some girl came up to me and said I had bad handwriting and she has really pretty handwriting. I don’t know why this is bothering me. Can I just get some honest opinions? It’s easy to change my handwriting. And please don’t put hate on asking this I just want to know.

Best answer: You can become a psychologist with far fewer hours of education. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize on mental health. It costs a zillion dollars and takes many years to become a doctor. When that expense is factored in you're probably not making as much money as you think. More importantly and... show more

Apparently 'A' stands for "Amazing", 'B' stands for "Best", 'C' stands for "Cool", 'D' stands for "Decent", 'E' stands for "Excellent" and 'F' stands for "Failure". However, I don't understand how B is... show more

What does being famous mean?

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Group project due on Friday?

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So basically, I am doing a group project (myself and two other girls who I'll call friend A and B) and it is due on Friday. We were supposed to film a skit revolving around the subject we're studying. We have the script all ready, but guys... we still haven't filmed and we only have a day. We need to... show more

Who is Ted Bundy?

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