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Should I do my D of E expedition?

5 answers · 20 hours ago
Best answer: Yes, carry on! That's what D of E is all about. Toughing things out. And if you do fail this time, there's always another time, when, if you've really learned what's expected of you, you'll do better. Look, you maybe gauged it wrongly. Often stuff in life turns out much tougher than we... show more

So we were assigned to this project at the start of the year and the deadline is this week. We are 3 in total, but one of my teammates didn't do her part. Since me and the other person thought that she wasn't going to do it, we decided to do our own thing (which is already done now). Today we were supposed... show more

Best answer: Private schools are options that should be available to all who believe the school they are attending is inadequate for their needs. They pay for their public schools.. They should not be prevented from attending them if that is what they prefer. Or are you just jealous because of their cars?

How is ignorance truly bliss?

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Best answer: The lines "When ignorance is bliss 'Tis folly to be wise" come from 'Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College' - the poet sees the schoolboys playing happily and reflects that it's a good thing that they don't know all the awful things which are going to happen to... show more

I’m black and he’s white. He calls me “my ****er” and I call him “white a*s honkey. I don’t mind him calling me the N word, so when he called me that at school, the principal suspended him. I told him I’m not offended at he was my friend, but that didn’t matter to the principal

Lol u can't be indoctrinated into non brainwashing non religions.

I thought about this because as important as conventional subjects like maths are, they are only one aspect to living a fulfilled and successful life

I remember this one lady in my class was taking philosophy to learn about the subject, but wasn't going to earn any credit for it.

Is highschool really that bad?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
I’m going into my freshman year and I’m really worried because everyone talks about how much it sucks. Does it actually suck that bad?

Best answer: You will need to discuss it with your school. With near perfect marks in all of your courses it is mathematically possible to complete your senior year with a 2.0+ cumulative GPA... but it's up to the school to authorize the graduation. Honestly, you do not deserve to graduate as your GPA clearly shows you lack... show more

Best answer: Probably not. A better idea would be to get the school to take you out of social situations that give you anxiety and educate you (either online or otherwise) in the school building but away from other students.

Best answer: My son said, (he is now out of the education system and managed to pretty much educate himself on important matters being an avid reader) UK education was there to get you to pass exams so the school could get up the national school league tables. They don't care about how well young people will cope in the... show more