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I recently started dating this girl a few months ago and she knows that I wear loose boxers. The other night when I was getting ready for bed, I took my pants off to reveal my loose boxers and she said to me, “You know, I really want you to start wearing tighter underwear, like boxer briefs and briefs. Those boxers... show more

Best answer: Yes, I think so :)

I either have to pull them higher than I want them to or struggle with the muffin top bulge... also difficult to walk in them, am I the only one with this complaint? Low rise jeans never give me this problem.

Does anyone know of some good stores to buy cheap furniture from that is trust worthy and good quality? I wanna buy a cheap but nice looking double bed, night stand, and table buy dont know where.

Best answer: Classic sexy I call it. Suede boots, kashmir sweaters, short skirts, nylon pantyhose, italian and french lingerie.

Best answer: Of course they are sold to the general public. If everyone that wore athletic gear was an athlete, athletes would be the number one profession. If you like them and can afford them by all means wear them.

Does anybody seriously still shop in store with ebates available??

Is this bag cheap looking?

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Best answer: no but that camera you are using sure look look cheap

For example a store ad says "Regular price $999 but on sale for $149!" Can you really trust them or are they always lying?

I am 21, losing my hair very fast, it looks like I will be bald by 25 or 26. What type of clothes will suit me then ? Right now I wear t-shirts which makes me look boyish. But after I become bald, should I switch to formal shirts to look more matured ? Any ideas ?