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Is 34c a small bra size?

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13 year old son sagging pants?

10 answers · 7 hours ago
Hi my son is 13 and we live in the UK the other day he was walking around the house with no shirt on and i notised that his jeans we sagging i don't really mind but i just wanted to see what you would do.

She is really thin and short. I know her measurements are 53cm in the waist and 82cm in her hips but I just moved here from the UK and don t know American sizes. Can you please help me?

First off I'm a guy, and I wear my watch on my right wrist. Every time I see someone with a watch they have it on the left wrist. I am right handed and I have no idea why I wear it on the right side. Does it really mater, or have I been doing this wrong my whole life. Years ago I watch a British movie about... show more

Want to buy some to go clubbing in, Ive tried my friends before and know I can walk in them properly. Are they just for strippers and will I look trashy if I wear them?

Best answer: white is the answer

Best answer: I never learned how to walk in them and don’t have any desire to wear them. However, there are many ladies who swear by them, and look very nice. I have to admire the beauty of some brands, works of art.

What can I do or am I pretty much out of luck

Is Wearing a tuxedo taboo?

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Im guy 20 and I have this Armani exchange tuxedo top when wear it it people always stare at me , I wear it casual is it taboo? What do u think

btw the dress is brown with light pink flowers and the heels are the same color pink as the flowers.

I don't want to go to Victoria Secret UK anymore (Pink section) cos it's for up to 27 year olds or 25 year olds or something like that. I only went to the pink section cos I can't wear anything outside cotton cos I'm treating yeast infections or vaginal allergies and they're the only store I see... show more

No dress code funeral?

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I am going to a funeral on Tuesday and the family have said there is no dress code, where something that the deceased would have liked... I'm a 19 year old male? What shall I wear?