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Benito Mussolini renounced Socialism and despised the Socialists anti-war/hippy position. He perceived war as a good way of boosting his nations economy. So why did he ally the Nazis if the Nazis were all Socialists?

Can u eat off your kitchen clean floor if u dropped food on it?

12 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 7 hours ago
Best answer: Depends on what you drop & how clean you keep your kitchen floor.

Is Trump really a great president? Why or why not?

23 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 3 days ago
Best answer: No he is destroying America

What is wrong with our water heater?

25 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 5 days ago
In 1988 we bought a water heater it was called 'state'. In 1997, a flood came and we had to have it cleaned out and a new burner put inside of it. Now we are getting about 15 minutes of hot water. We have to wait for us to get hot water Any more and it only produces us less than 15 minutes of hot water... show more

Will this work?

18 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 3 days ago
I want to have a light bulb in my garage. My garage is 100 feet from my house. I only have 102 feet of wire. Everyone I talk to with construction experience tells me it is not possible to get the light bulb to work the way I propose to do it. Here is what I propose to do. Connect 100 feet of wire from one side... show more

How much would I save through energy if I replaced my old door.?

9 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 1 day ago
I am remodeling my kitchen and I have the opportunity to replace the old door leading outside. It’s not in the best of shape but it’s not falling apart, it does clearly show its age. My contractor quoted it at about 750 labor plus the price of the door. I am curious on roughly how much an old door costs through... show more

What should be done if the power goes out during a winter storm?

19 answers · Other - Home & Garden · 4 days ago

This is a lot of money to replace a key I never used. Is it possible to get a duplicate somewhere and to engrave the numbers on that were on my previous key?

Is a pink bedroom too childish for a 16 year old?

9 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 1 day ago
My bed is white with pale pink embroidery. And I also have a small ottoman that has peakcocks and dark pink blossoms on it. (It was expensive though made by opal house). My friends say my room looks “elegant” but does it sound too immature? Those are the only things in my room that are pink.

PLZ share humorous or funny stuff . Thank you. OK?

9 answers · Garden & Landscape · 4 days ago

Is it possible to cover up dark grey walls with white paint in one coat?

8 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 1 day ago
Without priming the walls first? I painted my living room walls dark grey at the apartment where I live . The apartment manager told me I must paint the walls back white upon moving out.

Can you tumble dry a denim jacket?

9 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 2 days ago

I have a 2000W generator. Will it run a 120v, 3.5 amp refridgerator?

7 answers · Do It Yourself (DIY) · 11 hours ago

How to dispose of rotten garbage that's sat outside for months?

12 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 3 days ago
We didnt have garbage service for a while so our trash piled up in the garage which has no door animals got in it and now it's been at least 5 months and it smells horrible, do I need anything special to keep from getting sick while cleaning it and so on. Just what do I do.

There's just two people in the house and we're not that dirty.

Who is more dishonest, plumbers, electricians or HVAC guys?

13 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 3 days ago
Best answer: It's not the trade that leads to being dishonest. It's either in the person to be honest or not. That's why it's always a good idea to get multiple estimates on any job. And once you find a tradesman you can trust, stick with them.

Best answer: If the tea bag remains in the pocket, it is likely there will be some staining in that area, along with whatever clothing is up against that pocket after the wash load is finished if not removed promptly. I doubt one tea bag will stain the whole load of laundry because there is a helluva lot more water in a... show more

What's your wood preference for interesting furniture with no metal fittings?

6 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 17 hours ago
Best answer: We like Scandinavian design, so it's mostly teak and cherry.