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Best answer: To be honest... almost all. Except, the low budget ones. Was taught the ideals of what happy endings should be as opposed to real life outcomes. And life, mimmicking art, mimicking life. My screen name (Artemisia, played by actress Eva Green) and avatar, for example... was chosen as many of us idolize people we... show more

The restaurant to eat on the strip in vagas?

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I have seen so many non-porn movies in which the female protagonist was fully nude and yet in most of the same movies even if a couple are engaged in sex together, the male is alwyas either shown from behind, or has a blanket on him, or something which isn't in league with reality. I'm not talking I want... show more

Do prostitutes in Amsterdam ever get pregnant from their clients?

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Are most of them on birth control, or do they use just condoms?

Best answer: Its not an attractive name, it sounds like a word to describe vomiting, "I drank 14 pints of real ale last night, and I glucksburged all over the place". etc.

Which company did better in Canada Wal-Mart or Target?

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Best answer: Marrying an unsuitable person.

Why does New Jersey all industrial factories?

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Best answer: I am almost certain there is a verb that has slipped through the mesh.