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Wife and I make pretty good amount of money. We don’t have any credit card debt, but we do have a lot of student loans. We also have a car payment mortgage, and our kids are going to religious school. We need to cut down about $500 a month. We spend about $1k on groceries for the month for our family and $900 on... show more

Is my mom allowed to just unlock my bedroom door?

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I don't want my mom to just unlock my door. I lock the doors to the bathroom and my bedroom because I don't want people to just walk in. But my Mom always unlocks the door without even knocking first. I told her to please stop but she told me that I can have privacy when I'm 18. It makes me really... show more

Is it weird to be a 21 year old female virgin?

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She makes me soo angry?????

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Im a 24 year old guy, i used to have a big crush on this girl Nicole. We began going out and everything was going great between us. But in the end she ended things between us. She told me she had no chemestry with me, 3 days after we broke up it was her birthday Soo i bought her flowers, she told my... show more

Basically, my brother can go out with his friends all the time, but I can’t, AT ALL. I asked what was the reason and my parents said it’s because I’m a girl, what’s that suppose to mean? It’s not like I’m going to go out and meeting up with some guy. All I’m asking is just to have some quality time with my friends.... show more

Best answer: at young age its normal. keep flowing with the tide as you always do.

Will sex on the first date keep a guy from taking you serious?

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I have 3 bridesmaids, they’re my 2 sisters and my fiance’s younger sister Jess. My sisters have hair that reaches their bra strap. Jess on the other hand has incredibly long hair, I believe it’s mid thigh. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s near her knees as it’s been a while since I have seen her hair down. It’s very... show more

My mom wants to go with my sis, her husband, & my neice (17) to Hawaii & take my oldest son (13) with her. They will stay with my cousin whose son is 16 & my mom s sister & bro-in-law will be there. I have 3 other children a boy 9, girl 7, & girl 4. I told her it would be unfair for me to let... show more

I always hear liberals claiming that premarital sex is alright because that way you can find out whether you're sexually compatible with such person...There are also liberals who claim that premarital sex is like testing a car! Well, according to such "logic" why would it be wrong if a man or woman... show more

My fiance & I have been together 6 yrs (engaged for 4) although we're engaged we're in no rush to race down the alter when we're happy just being engaged as of right now. There's no time limit on being engaged and marrying so why do people obsess with a short engagement by getting married... show more

Must a man do housework?

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Is this wrong or controlling?

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Best answer: I sense a tad bit of jealousy that your partner/spouse/bf doesn't buy you anything so trying to offer up to your friend bad advice that could potentially cause problems in their marriage, what a b*t*h.

Is it my fault my husband cheated?

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I introduced my husband to my new coworker. They have a lot of things in common. Video games, sports, gym etc. At one point he wanted to hang with her alone without me because I was working at the time. Now I'm an insecure woman and would never suspect my husband to cheat. So of course I allowed it. Then I... show more

How do I tell my husband that what I did isn't worth divorce?

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Best answer: Your boyfriend and now husband was honest. What YOU did was deceitful! You are very entitled with your "it's ok for me to lie to you as long as I get MY way"'attitude. If you are going to lie over something like that, what else are you going to lie about? And what else have you lied about? To... show more

Best answer: nnaybe you shouldnt live at honne if you dont want her bothering you, i would just be thankful you still have your nnother around, wish i did