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Or, at least, why are they in favor of dirty energy sources like coal and gas instead of renewables like solar or hydro-electric

Global Warming...It's snowing in Hawaii?

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Is climate change one of the biggest hoaxes that were spread by the Illuminati?

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Best answer: The New World Order global government needs global funding. Climate Change is a good excuse for a global tax. The UN is already in place. So is the World Bank. Carbon Tax, Carbon Credits, Carbon Exchanges and things like the Paris Accord are already collecting money. Where does it all go? It will eventually be... show more

Why are people in denial of climate change?

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Best answer: Nope - Class of 1960.

No one is saying CO2 isn't increasing...that's objective and measurable. No one is saying climate isn't changing...it always has long before the industrial revolution. Shutting down the world economy and giving control to the UN isn't going make a significant difference in prognosis and no one... show more

Does our left know that global warming is fake?

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Best answer: They sure do! But they push it because it fits their political agenda. Just consider this: Quote by Christine Stewart, former Canadian Environment Minister: “No matter if the science is all phony, there are collateral environmental benefits.... climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice... show more

25 or 6 to 4?

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Best answer: I think it was 26 minutes to 4 AM. Waiting for the break of day Searching for something to say Dancing lights against the sky Giving up I close my eyes Sitting cross-legged on the floor 25 or 6 to 4 Staring blindly into space Getting up to splash my face Wanting just to stay awake Wondering how much I can... show more

Best answer: A carbon tax that replaces other taxes so that the net increase in government is zero. A carbon tax is justified as an economic penalty for the widespread costs of climate change due to carbon emissions. In a functioning capitalist economy, individuals cannot be allowed to profit by damaging the welfare of the... show more

Best answer: This fire started on the edge of the town in the early morning darkness. The fire and its smoke were driven by winds of 50-60 mph and the humidity was very low. The fire spread quickly through neighborhoods. I have had to evacuate my house when a wildfire was approaching it. While the smoke wasn't a problem... show more

Best answer: I notice you used the word problem. A teenage girl with a zit is a problem. There are lots of problems but that doesn't mean we need to drop everything, raise taxes and increase government control of our lives to solve it. Even with all the government intervention you could hope for, that girl will just get... show more

Best answer: I put my own spin on GC's comparison. I was a soldier in Germany before the wall came down. It was West Germany then. We had a treaty that you could enter East Berlin as long you were in uniform. We came to West Berlin because we had an urban warfare exercise where our battalion fought a divisions of... show more

Best answer: The PB is primarily and ambush hunter capturing seals on sea ice while they rest or catching their pup’s, PB’s are excellent swimmers but not compared to a seal they stand little chance of catching a seal in the water. PB’s tradionlly starve over the short Arctic summer and this is the probelmthey face as Arctic... show more

Are you aware its official, Global Cooling is happening?

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Best answer: Great point: Not one environmental doomsday prediction of the past 60 years came to pass. Nobody seems to remember the fact that Time magazine was predicting a global ice age in the 1970s! With a perfect record like that, the miracle is anyone not being paid to promote the manmade warming hoax believes... show more