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Best answer: Because they know it is legal in Nevada and never think about it is based on the decision of each county. Clark and Washoe and a few other counties do not allow it, most do. If you do want to hire a prostitute in those counties it is just a short drive to get to one where it is legal.

How many suns are there in milky way?

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Solar system has only one sun. However solar system is very small part of milky way.

Best answer: I see people wearing tank tops and shorts on planes. I think they're crazy! It's COLD on planes.

Best answer: Socialized Medicine uses that delay as a cost savings mechanism. If the patient finds another cure on their own or dies the Socialists don't get stuck with the bill.

It s five of us going to las Vegas for friends birthday and were staying there for three days in June wedeaday to Saturday. I just want an estimate to take with us for food, expenses and activities.

Why did Frontier Airlines lie to me?

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Best answer: They didn't LIE to you; you didn't read their website. I once got a REALLY good deal for a round trip on Spirit, and their website SPECIFICALLY said "you can buy space for checked luggage online for $20/piece or wait until you get to the airport and pay $75/piece."

The treatment of females in Australian politics really highlights how badly women are treated overall in Australia. On International Women's Day, Scott Morrison delivered a speech where he said he didn't want to see women rise if it came at the expense of men. In 1990 Australia ranked a respectable 15th in... show more

Aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, imodium, Dramamine, Mezacline, Pepcid. I know you can get these drugs over the counter but what if I need them on the plane? Also do I need to declare them?

How to handle a long plane ride?

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Best answer: I've taken many 16 hours trips. First of all, you know its going to be long so prepare for it. Bring a journal, book, magazines as suggested above. However, most airlines have lots of choices of movies and tv shows. I don't know your schedule but you do want to sleep so that you are refreshed getting there,... show more

What are the cheapest airlines?

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My military fiancé want to come home to surprise his family this weekend. We have been looking up airline prices and they are an arm and a leg. Also he is not allowed to leave until after noon so I need help to get him from Jacksonville North Carolina to Pittsburgh PA as cheap as possible. Thank you!

How much safer is South Africa than Canada?

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As an american why do you hate me ?

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As an Australian, what is the most racist state in Australia?

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Queensland or Western Australia?

Best answer: Old Parasite is pathetic for lying here and bludging on welfare. Refuses to even take care off his own mother. Selfish pr1ck.

Which state in the west?

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Besides California which state in the western part of the USA has pleasant weather ? I know no where is comparable to California however gotta be somewhere where the weather is pretty good. Arizona Hot Nevada Hot Colorado cold Utah cold Washington cold ?

Best answer: You don’t want to seek asylum in the UK, some of them get **** houses.

Best answer: The minimum wage in the UK rose to £8.21 in April 2019. That is equivalent to $10.39 at today's exchange rate. The 'LIVING WAGE' which is a voluntary rather than a compulsory wage in London is set at £10.55 per hour or $13.35 and many more employers in London are starting to this to new... show more

Best answer: 1. Take it. 2. Toss it. 3. When you arrive; buy a new one there.

This is in Ikos Aria, what is it?

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