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If you wait until it grts yo empty it will ruin the filter, says my mother.

What year will peugeot come to us market?

10 answers · Peugeot · 2 days ago

2010 jeep grand cherokee lerado wont start?

6 answers · Jeep · 2 days ago
Car will not start just makes clicking noise and the dashboard gauges just keep flashing on and off..triple a tried to charge the battery ro jump start it but it would not work. What could it be?

Best answer: Princess Sparkles is so old that if she has fallen pregnant, there is a high probability that her child would have Downs Syndrome. The father would certainly be Prince Harry as Sparkles would not have played around while engaged - she knows which side her bread is buttered.

Recently replaced all spark plugs and ignition coil. Currently has code P0352. Need to replace valve cover gasket - I am wondering if this could be causing the misfires? I have also replaced camshaft position sensor. I am trying to exhaust all options.

So I installed the QR25DE cylinder head gasket from the Nissan dealership, torqued it down but has to take the cylinder head OFF again because I forgot to install 2 oil o-rings.... The gasket looks fine... Is it safe to use the same new gasket that was torqued down? Some people say "its fine as long así the... show more

Best answer: Some. As Ron says they are different generations, and IIRC the move from 4th to 5th generation included a major change: the engine and transmission were switched around to put the engine on the passenger side. The 1992 engine rotates CCW while the 1994 rotates CW like most car engines do.

What year for hot rod do I have?

5 answers · Ford · 2 days ago
So I'm having trouble finding out what car I bought. The guy says 32 Ford roadster steel tub chevy 350 400 trans. I get it to my house then it's a 308 engine 350 trans. And the doors has this arc at the bottom so ik that's different BT any help would be great thank you!

Lately, it is sluggish when it is tying to start. It has brand new battery. It is not alternator or the starter. Can anyone help?

Do i have a lemon on my car?

14 answers · Dodge · 7 days ago
So i bought my 2013 dodge dart on march 31 2018. 2 weeks after the sun visor broke off and the dealer said they cannot do anything about it. Then i found out the lights on the back seat of the car is broken.Then a few months later i was told i need transmission fluid. I get that taken care of then a month later i... show more

Best answer: Hi so this is teh big issue with LED lights they are not bright.