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I recently financed a 2015 Lexus IS250 with less than 45,000 miles on it. I thought maybe the car was supposed $25,000 because it's a Lexus. I was financed for $29,000. I doubt my car is worth more than $20,000. What do I do in this situation?

My toyota corolla wont go past 110mph?

31 answers · Toyota · 5 days ago
I tested it bit it wont go faster. How do i make it faster?

Best answer: Sure you'll be able to keep up. I drove a Prius, an older model, that had 110 HP. And I drove it to and from work on the treacherous California freeways. Worked just fine. Remember it doesn't take much HP to go fast. But it takes a lot of HP to accelerate rapidly to that fast speed. My point, at 106... show more

Best answer: Generally the size of the car indicates the minimum size of motor it will need. The 1.5 will be in an economy car, a 2.5 a good daily driver, the 3.5 would be a larger car. If you expect better than average acceleration then you need to increase motor size. Bottom line is a specific weight of car needs a certain... show more

Best answer: Toyota is bad about this. Every time I needed some $2 part they "NHAed" me. "Next Higher Assembly" Most $2 Toyota parts will cost you $100. Good luck. If you have a salvage yard in your area, try them!

Buy ex taxi toyota camry is good?

5 answers · Toyota · 2 hours ago
is good buy EX taxi cars? 2000$ camry 2002 LE 4 cylinders 180 000km on it

Best answer: As far as I can tell she really believes everything she's spewing. What she's not realizing is that almost everyone else doesn't. I wish I could be there when her fantasy world comes crashing down on her. It would be fun to watch.

I have 98 toyota my ignition swith will not turn?

8 answers · Toyota · 3 days ago

I have a 1993 ford f150, cluster problems?

3 answers · Ford · 19 hours ago
I have a 1993 ford f150, recently i was cleaning my cluster gauges and i took off the arrows on the gauges and now my fuel gauge and voltage/battery gauge wont read right/move? I was wondering is their a way to get them back to normal reading, Any information will help? Yes the fuel pump works fine. Thanks in... show more

Did the cavemen have internet?

62 answers · Tata · 1 week ago

Should I continue spending money to fix my 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS V6 Automatic 6 Speed 4WD, I have 123,000 Miles on it. Right now the automatic driver and Passenger Side Mirrors are not working correctly they only turn left or right but do Not move up and down. Not sure how much this would cost to fix. Then... show more