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I’m stuck inside all summer and my parents have motion sensor security cameras... so if the motion sensor detects anything it will record the past 10 seconds and the next 10 seconds... there are no blind spots and jumping from my roof isn’t a option because the bushes below are sharp as crap... if I try to blind... show more

Best answer: Typically, they would probably give you a full refund on the camera, but only if there are no signs of use, you have the box, and you have all of the packaging material, and you do this within 30 days of purchase. Stores usually have this kind of 30-day policy. However you would definitely not be able to return... show more

what I mean is if I take pictures in selfie mode I look much better than if I take them the regular way. taking them the regular way every freckle and skin discolorations shows on my face but not the other way. why????

How can I find this camera?

7 answers · 3 weeks ago
Back in the 80s Polaroid made a marines corps promotional camera of their spirit 600 model line, I found a picture online and am determined to find one for my fiancé (future husband who is a marine) as my wedding present to him. I’ve searched as best I know how, any ideas on how to go about looking for one?

Best answer: If you want in-body image stabilization (IBIS) in a digital still camera for video, then look at getting either the Panasonic GH4 or GH5, or one of the mirrorless Sony cameras like the A7R series. The one and only DSLR that has IBIS are those from Pentax. However, Pentax's video capabilities are even worse... show more

Nikon vs. Canon?

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I have a canon camera right now but I'm looking to upgrade. Canons have certain features that I like and dislike, but I've never shot with a nikon before. What do you like about about your canon or Nikon camera?

I have the kit lens and have only used that. I do not want to spend more than $500. Thanks in advance!

Gopro or drone?

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Best answer: If you need to record 30 feet in the air - a drone. If you need to record 30 feet under water - a gopro.

I want to take pictures of the sky, moon and stars. Which lens would be best for that. Thanks

So my trusty DSLR Pentax K-50 has been working perfectly for me for years (I ve had it for at least four now) and I went to photograph an event for my boss yesterday and no matter what I did, the photos all came out incredibly grainy, like my auto focus wasn t working or something. The lighting was horrible even... show more