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What is Fred Flinstone's wife's name?

12 answers · Comics & Animation · 1 day ago
I keep forgetting.

Mac vs Windows?

10 answers · Software · 1 day ago

I want to cancel the free AVG. Have not used it.?

7 answers · Software · 11 hours ago

I want to get ethernet connection in my bedroom.

Best answer: Whaaaaaat, DOS is returning? Nice.

How to make an AI?

9 answers · Programming & Design · 2 days ago
Hi, I'm a 12 year old with an interest in coding. I'm currently learning HTML at school, but I want to make an AI. I've only got a PC, but can anyone give me any tips or programs that can help me make my own?

My printer will not print?

10 answers · Printers · 2 days ago

It is very rare for me to use this computer. I usually use it like once a month because it is very slow. Anyway, after waiting for some useless windows 10 updates, it finally boot up. When I sign in, it automatically shutdown. After it turned it started making a loud beep every 2 seconds and i unplugged the... show more

Best answer: It's "trunk" cable - you are supposed to fit sockets, then use normal short ethernet cables to link those to whatever you need. Trunk cable has one single strand per wire core, it's not intended to be continuously moved around. Normal ethernet leads should be made from "patch" cable,... show more

How to connect facebook to yahoomail?

4 answers · Facebook · 1 day ago

Why are men who comment on youtube so evil?

11 answers · YouTube · 3 days ago Look at the comments. They were mostly written by American men and they were congratulating a man for sucker punching a woman unprovoked. How can any one think this is right? If it were a man getting sucker punched, you wouldn't see comments like that.

How to fix printer printing off the paper?

6 answers · Printers · 2 days ago
Best answer: If it prints off center almost all the time, but the odd time one comes out ok, that suggests that the card stock feed is not picking up the paper properly. Often card stock has to be fed via a manual sheet feed, not via regular paper trays.

I broke the wire, and my computer is now running on batteries that cannot be recharged, and it is looking at only so much more time before it goes black. What should I do ?

Can Windows 7 be transfered to a 128 GB USB stick?

5 answers · Add-ons · 10 hours ago