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My printer will not print?

10 answers · Printers · 2 days ago

How to fix printer printing off the paper?

6 answers · Printers · 2 days ago
Best answer: If it prints off center almost all the time, but the odd time one comes out ok, that suggests that the card stock feed is not picking up the paper properly. Often card stock has to be fed via a manual sheet feed, not via regular paper trays.

I broke the wire, and my computer is now running on batteries that cannot be recharged, and it is looking at only so much more time before it goes black. What should I do ?

Can Windows 7 be transfered to a 128 GB USB stick?

5 answers · Add-ons · 10 hours ago

What kind of gaming computer can i build for $250?

15 answers · Desktops · 5 days ago

My PC always seems to crash whilst playing games?

15 answers · Desktops · 6 days ago
Hello, I recently bought some new parts for my system. Included were: a used I7-4770K, a used 16GB RAM and a new 1060 6GB. The system will crash every game after a random amount of time playing either by crashing the application, deadlocking my PC or simply giving me a BSOD. I've cleaned my system up and... show more

It's not yet noticeable but now it can only take 50 more before cracking, what should I do?

Documents will not print!?

6 answers · Printers · 2 days ago

My PC is the only one with slow internet?

10 answers · Other - Hardware · 6 days ago
Hey, my PC seems to be the only one with an inconsistent and very slow internet in the household. I have recently upgraded bought some second-hand RAM, a preowned processor and a new videocard. I have also rolled back (and also reinstalled) my drivers, changed my wireless device port and ran a systemcare program... show more

Is it ok to have 3 sticks of ram?

8 answers · Desktops · 5 days ago
Best answer: Everyone says that if you install 3 sticks that it disables dual channel but it doesn't because there are 2 channels that are essentially wired to the CPU's Memory controller. Intel created a thing called Flex Mode way back in 2004 when dual channel memory systems first came out. This isn't a Yes or NO... show more

Best answer: if you want the ultimate laptop maybe .. for a daily use machine laptops are more or less disposable items and dont last that long imo ... i had a nice one built with all the bells and use it occasionally for trips or for when i need to use something alittle better than a phone in special situations, and for that... show more

Is an Intel i7 8086k a good processor?

4 answers · Desktops · 2 days ago
Best answer: Ok, I actually have an 8086k that I bought because I'm trying to overclock as high as I can. As far as the Silicon Lottery goes I got a good 8086k but my 8700k is a good chip too. With AXV offset at -2 I can get the 8086k to 5.3ghz and the 8700k to 5.2ghz. Both chips can overclock to 5.0ghz, full AVX, which was... show more

Hard drive wont spin up??

9 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 1 week ago
Dell latitude 433c 33MHz Intel i486SX 8mb ram 80mb hard drive Windows 3.1 Its really old. It was fun playing with an old win 3.1 laptop, but recently the hard drive has had trouble spining up. Usually it would manage to start after a few power cycles, but now I finally gave up after the 100th time. I dont dare open... show more

Issues With My Graphics Card?

5 answers · Add-ons · 3 days ago
A while back my computer got really slow all of a sudden and I couldn t figure out why. Yesterday it got extremely slow and eventually crashed, which is kind of a good thing because it gave me an error code that I could google. One of the reasons for that error code was outdated graphics drivers so I went to my... show more