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Best answer: And the monitor is $4999, the stand for it is $999. Must have diamonds or rubies?

How to fix my printer?

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Trying to copy 4000 or so photos (130G) into my a hard drive (4TB). In the File Explorer, the property of the drive shows more than 3TB free space. Yet, I get error message saying I need 60GB more free space. Why?

Laptop advice?

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So I m buying a laptop for college, I have a budget of around 1350, and I d like something with some power. I do a little gaming every now and then. It would also be nice to have something with relatively good battery life. If it could run Skyrim or fallout it would probably be powerful enough. Also- it would be... show more

The computer has an intel core i3 quad processor Nvidia GTX 770 8 gigs of RAM Looking to upgrade to a system that's $799.99, would selling my current PC be worth it?

Which flash drives are more reliable?

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Is there a brand that is more reliable than others? I heard sometimes USBs can just stop working

I have a Samsung Odyssey laptop, pre-owned, had it for 2 years no issues. Recently I've been having a problem where when I play games the screen either becomes distorted or black. With one game, it freezes up after a while and theres red lines on the screen. With the other one the screen just goes black. To... show more

HP Laptop Won't Turn On?

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whats better For gaming... video editing....

My computer won't turn on but charges?

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I have a toshiba laptop that won't turn on, the screen stays black. But it appears to be charging and the lighta are on. I don't hear any fans or anything either. It has done this before but tried it a few days later and it worked.

What should I do with Old HP desktop computers ?

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Can you play 1080p on a 1440p monitor?

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