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Basic python question?

5 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: The idea in python is that s[:12] gives you the first 12 characters. That is quite convenient. So, s[:12] is s[0], s[1], ..., s[11]. It gives you the 1st (s[0]), 2nd (s[1]), 3rd (s[2]), ..., 12th (s[11]) characters of s. s[:12] is implicitly s[0:12]. That is quite logical too. If you want to start from the 3rd... show more

Okay so... I wrote a program in my spare time to make my supervisory work more efficient. My boss saw it and loved it, so now they want me to become a developer for the company, but this comes at a price. Upper-level management wants to own my program. I spent a lot of time and effort into this program and... show more

C# array with string indexs?

4 answers · 2 days ago
Is it possible to create an array in csharp using string instead of int for the index? Example Array A[] A["name"] = "me"; A["Place"] = "here";

Best answer: That will be a bunch of std::cout << [string] << std::endl; statements. Do not follow Quentin's example of continuing strings across lines with a trailing backslash. That's an old Unix C habit that just won't die. Still supported, but discouraged in both C and C++. If you want to... show more

I know when people are dating, they can have a type. Does this apply on a friendship level? Like if someone says that a person "isn't my type of person", what does it mean?

I have the opportunity at my place of employment to start learning some various coding languages on the clock to begin to help maintain our website and systems. I am the full time bookkeeper there now. Very eager to learn more coding and work on some new skills but I want to make sure I am being compensated fairly.... show more

Best answer: This can easily be done in Excel using a VBA event handler. The following example assumes the paragraph will be pasted into cell C1. Copy this event handler to the clipboard (highlight the entire code, right click inside the highlighted area, and 'Copy'). Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As... show more

I have seen people using nn to make a m and it's hard to read what they're trying to say. It's only been on this site so far and I hope it stays on this site or doesn't catch on. It's really stupid to use a letter to mimic a pre-existing letter. If it's a meme, please don't use it.... show more

Best answer: You should get a job where YOU are in charge of hiring people. If you get a job like that, then YOU get to decide who you will hire. So, if you want to hire people who never went to college, then you can do that. Do you see how this works? A human being makes these decisions. But the hiring manager at Acme... show more

Make create build for "website"?

14 answers · 2 weeks ago
I'm learning English. I want to know the proper verb for "website". Which is the best? 1. I made a website. 2. I created a website. 3. I built a website. And are there any differencies them? or same?

What website is the best?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago

also known as computer programming like which schools, academy, jobs pay to teach coding?

preferably making around $4,000-$6000 a month