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Hello, I recently acquired an HP model Windows 7 tower computer, but before I had started using it, the previous owner installed Linux Mint 18.3, this is not really the operating system I wanted to be using. So if anyone knows how I can restore it to Windows 7, or at least XP or Vista, I'd love to know.

Best answer: If they were concerned about security, they'd be using a Linux distribution. More seriously: For general office PCs, the government does use more modern versions of Windows. There are certain embedded applications that are more difficult to migrate: for those, there's a special licensing program to keep... show more

Best answer: Yes. I do it all the time. I have had Win 10 since it was released and I have been buying songs off iTunes the whole time.

It's a screenplay and I'm making corrections in red to make it easier for the author to see my suggested corrections. In Word 2003 this is tedious in the extreme as I can't set a default font color without changing the color of the entire document. All I want to do is set red as the temporary font until... show more

Best answer: Yes 10 has a wallpaper option and you can download several packages of wallpaper from the store free. You can set it to change at whatever time interval you want. One of the big differences is 10 has tiles as well as the start menu. 10 also has a very good I think security set and you don't need to install a... show more

my nephew was telling me about a new APP he bought for his windows 10 computer (application I think) and how he could sync it with the same APP on his smartphone. he asked me if I had the APP - I had to tell him that I was still using a windows 7 computer and that it didn't have APPs - it used programs. whats... show more

How do I choose a browser?

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I was running my work for 12 hours then Windows 10 forced my laptop to restart for a stupid update which I don't want at all. I did turn off the auto update then it still download and do this forcefully. Do you know how to completely turn off auto-update? I don't even want update to exists in my Windows... show more

How do I get ad free browsing?

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Need Microsoft code?

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What is Microsoft office?

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What is Microsoft office and is it important to have in your computer?

Best answer: Some program is running in the background and it is a generic warning that it will be closed when you shut down the computer. You can safely shut it down. If you want to find out what program it is do an ALT+CTRL+DEL and choose task manager then look at the open Apps programs. Those are the ones currently... show more

My files got encrypted!?

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Hello, so my files got encrypted and i don t know what to do! i have no restore points, and i have some really important files on there. What do i do???? please help

Install windows on used laptop?

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Best answer: You can download Windows 8.1 for free from Microsoft: This will let you download an ISO of the install disk. From here you can either burn that image to a DVD or create a bootable flash drive with a program like Rufus: With Rufus, you... show more