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I fell really bad kicking my bike and partially tore my acl... ikr, stupid. Has anyone else had this issue?

Best answer: Yes, if your scooter manual says so. The oil is for the final drive gear not for the "gearbox" because the scooter does not have one. Do NOT use a regular gear oil (GL-5) if the scooter says you use a regular 10W-40 engine oil.

I'm getting a honda cbr 125 repsol soon

Getting started with motorcycles?

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Hey! So I know questions like these are fairly common and ive tried looking at a few different forums but I don't feel like I understand a lot of how riding works. I've never ridden a motorcycle before, but I've been wanting one for a while. Most of the basics make sense, but I'm really worried that... show more

Best answer: In the U.S., it is common for commuter riders (who do over 15,000 miles a year and need to get two sets of tires every year) go onto the dark side -- automobile tires. In Europe, vehicles are tested every year to meet legal requirements. In the UK you have the MOT and I would be surprised that a car tire would... show more

I'm only 90-95 pounds and I'm short what would be a good light weight cruiser around 250-300 pounds like my Honda Twinstar 185? I can't balance anything too big as i'm small, I need something that's lightweight, preferably Harley, but any work for me a bikes a bike, Thank you in advance!

Well I assume you COULD, but how easy would it be? I’ve worked on multi unit carbs for motorcycles before and I absolutely hate it. Trying to get all the carbs to perform in the exact same way is a pain in the **** and 4 times the work to rebuild and clean. I assume switching to a single carburetor might lose me a... show more

Best answer: Protective qualities of wool are nil. Get some leather gloves. They're not that expensive if you don't want anything too fancy. Writing, using electronic equipment, pleasuring your girlfriend and/or yourself, picking your nose, flipping someone off, feeding yourself. These are just a few things that become... show more

Hi there, I purchased a motorbike on Monday - 2008 Yamaha FZ1. Rode it home 200 miles without issues, however next day, after I gave it a throughout wash I noticed some white foaming/residue inside the oil glass that’s seem to mix with the oil. Just spend nearly £90 on oil and filter, but before I change the oil... show more

I'm almost 17 and one of the requirements is a vision test for the license but I need to wear glasses or I can't read signs or anything. Will I still be able to get my license? Or can you not wear glasses while riding?

I’m currently taking an MSF course to earn my motorcycle license in Texas. The course lasts three days, but doesn’t offer much as far a riding on public roads. I don’t own a motorcycle nor do I know anyone that would let me borrow theirs. There is a place that rents motorcycles near me so I’m considering renting a... show more

Motorcycle Swansong?

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Best answer: Born to be Wild. You made it 3 score and 10-- now time to look at old BMW with sidecar. Careful with meds timing, have some strong coffee and don't drive as much at night. I'm going toward lighter bike, may let Goldwing go to new home with nephew. Legs not as strong now at 70--and a second cancer... show more

It's manufactured with a wide back wheel but the front wheel is a bit slim if I do say so myself.. the rear of the bike is complete savage looking then the front looks a bit novelty... I wanna basically have the same width wheel on the front as the back has... I don't want to do things like machine cut... show more

Best answer: SAFE? Dude, been riding/racing for over 55 yrs and it's not the safest means of transportation. If you can ride bicycle you're halfway safer. Get a decent used bicycle to practice on FIRST. Than take a MSF Basic Riders Course to learn a few things about motorcycles, the BRC costs about $300 depending on... show more

Is there a ft/lb limit on 125s?

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they make them 15 horses nowadays which is of very limited value as the ft/lbs is still only about 8, the same as the old 80s learner bikes