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Best answer: Many motorcycle exhausts are loud enough to damage hearing, whether original or aftermarket. Best to use foam earplugs before starting a long ride, so you will be able to enjoy music and hear conversations for decades into your future.

Hi, I have a 2006 Suzuki Gsxr750, 18,000 miles. I've discovered an oil leak that is very small and very small drips that is not constant. I've checked the oil drain plug and the source isn't coming from there. I've followed the stream and it is higher up from where the oil drain plug is(the drain... show more

I just got an 125cc motorbike. After 5 hours run on ideal I did changed first engine oil and took it to street. At the speed of 35 and 4th gear it start to choke but stays at the same speed. Bike have only 36 miles on it now.

Motorcycle won’t start?

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I recently bought a 2003 Kawasaki ninja 250 and it ran fine the day I bought it. I let it sit for a week and when I tried to start it it would crank but not start. I also left the petcock set to on (forgot to shut it off). Today I tried to start it again but it did the same thing. Went back like 20 minutes later... show more

So I changed the spark plug last week and got it gapped to the right measurements and there’s a spark. So it’s not the spark plug. So it’s electric start and I You can hear it start but it won’t actually start up. Idk what else it could be. I charged it 3 days ago and still won’t work. I’ve had this bike for 2... show more

I know it's normal to smell some gas from the exhaust but the scent is way too strong and I smell a lot of it than normal. Could it be running poorly?

If I put on a single mirror, which side is the best?

I have a grom sized bike id like to ship there. I live in idaho, so i was wondering what service i could use to get it shipped there, and roughly how much it would cost?

Just how many Gs of Force will you be subjected to on the world's fastest motorcycle? The Kawasaki's ninja has 310 Horsepower, goes from 0-60 in 2.60, and Has a top speed of 249 MPH. For comparison. You'll be subjected to 1.55 Gs on a Bugatti Veyron, You'll be subjected to 6.5 Gs on a F1 Car,... show more

Best answer: The random selection of questions makes no part of the book irrelevant. I know some are stupid, like why should you memorize renewal intervals? It's only like 45 small pages, most have pictures. If you can read 15 pages a day you until your test you will have read the whole book 3 times. The big thing is... show more

Long story short, I have a motorcyle taillight I m wanting to sell, but I don t have the bike to test it with. Is there anything I can possibly use to test it? The taillight is for a Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R.

2000 r6 no fire to the plugs?

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Need advise for a New Biker...?

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Best answer: You need to be in the right gear for the speed you're travelling at. If you fall into a gap between gears at your preferred speed, then increase or reduce your speed accordingly.

How to break a Honda engine?

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My dad has a 1997 Honda dream and it still runs very smooth... The problem is that sometimes I have to drive it and I don't want to ride some oldish-looking motorcycle and I hate it...

Anyone familiar with Tomos mopeds ?

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I'm wanting to get myself an iron 883 or a new iron 1200 but the standard mid controls are a bit too cramped so I want to know if anyone has any experience with forward controls and how they are on the bike. Thanks