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Why do people dislike me so much?

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I’ve been told I’m polite and well mannered but I get on peoples nerves once they really get to know me. I get talked over a lot and don’t feel heard... maybe I’m overlooking the people that do like me and only paying attention to those that are typically welliked or popular. I have a rest b*** face I will say and... show more

Who even likes Leos?

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Do Taurus usually hate Libras?

12 answers · 3 days ago
This question is only for Taurus people. If you are a Taurus, do you hate Libras? I like Taurus people but I wonder if they like me back or not. Why are many Tauruses so hostile and mean to Libras, prefer to become Libra's enemies than being friends with Libras, and also like to talk crap about Libras?

Im an Aquarius what about you?

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his dob is 30th june 1973 at 10p.m. in amritsar. recently he has shifted his home.will he come back to his former location or will this new city benefit him.what will be his future relations with his mother.mother dob is 1st january 1953, 12.15a.m. at bhiwani haryana.

like Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson (prior to plastic surgery), Kurt Cobain, etc.

Best answer: True, but it depends on the Libra and you can give it another chance. I mean it could be worse, a Leo or a Scorpio who abuse non stop. I've only experienced one Libra who abused me non stop 10 y ago for 11 mo (no break). I'm not talking about the trolls on here but yes they are generally immature. Aries... show more

Mine is cancers... They are moody Anouilh as f, and all that. I am one so I’d think I’d know. Maybe it’s the Libra side of me idk.

What's your zodiac sign?

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Every leo I know acted like a introverted cancer? Im a scorpio but my new date is on a libra-scorpio cusp so im confused.

I have Saturn in the ninth house in my chart. Since Saturn is the planet of delay and destruction, and the ninth house is associated with higher education, does it mean that I will either have challenges in higher education or my higher education would be delayed? I really want to have a Bachelor degree so that I... show more

I mean... which zodiac signs do you think that people tend to hate and complain against...

Mine is probably Cancer....

Best answer: Pisces. Yes. Fem to the core. However... I don't keep up with younger generation Fems with no real issues. #MeToo, yeah. I get it. But some things are overdone.

Why do Geminis push people away?

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I thought they're narcisissitic *** "loves attention"