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What do you think of the name Octavia?

26 answers · Baby Names · 24 hours ago

Poll: How attractive do you think you are?

29 answers · Polls & Surveys · 3 days ago
Best answer: extremely

What do you think of girl name 'June' and 'Gloria'?

20 answers · Baby Names · 16 hours ago

For a a boy: Jaymes or Lentle?

20 answers · Baby Names · 20 hours ago
My partner and I like quirky and different names - please provide your thoughts on bothnames. Thank you.

Do you like the name Danielle for a girl?

24 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
Best answer: Danielle is pretty but I dislike Dani as a nick name, sorry.. I also don't like to hear Danielle pronounced as DanYELL I love Daniel for a boy. Other Elle names I prefer for girls, such as: Gabrielle Arabelle Isobelle Annabelle Aedelle Aristelle estelle Mabel Sybelle .

Need self talk thought advice to be a better mom?

6 answers · Grade-Schooler · 14 hours ago
Best answer: OK, so really, you need to stop with the negative self-talk. You also need to set a limit with him of what is acceptable TV time. It is an hour a day? Then help him pick out his favorite TV shows, and he just watches those. Also set with him what is an acceptable amount of play and of your asking him to help with... show more

Good first names to go with Kirsten?

12 answers · Baby Names · 1 day ago
I have decided to give my daughter Kirsten as a middle name to honour her godmother. What are some good first names that go with it? I would prefer a longer (3 syllables or more) name to balance the first and middle names, and nicknames/short forms would be helpful too. Thanks! And what’s your opinion on Kirsten as... show more

Which boys name is better ?

29 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
Best answer: Connor, but Francis has more nickname options and is truly a classic.

Would you still eat cheese if it was red?

15 answers · Newborn & Baby · 23 hours ago
Best answer: Cheese does come in several colors as it is , different shades of yellow and white and some like blue cheese have blueish gray spots in it. As long as it tasted good , I would still eat it.

Do you like the name Darcey Sophia?

13 answers · Baby Names · 15 hours ago

Do you think Clyde is a weird name?

12 answers · Baby Names · 12 hours ago

What do you think of the name Piaper for a girl?

25 answers · Baby Names · 3 days ago

Do you like the name Henrietta?

28 answers · Baby Names · 3 days ago
Nickname would be Hettie. Is it too old-fashioned?

My baby cries very aggressively for his bottle at 5am seemingly very hungry. My husband puffed his e cig and then shook the bottle up and cake down to feed. Meanwhile I'm hearing muy baby crying. My husband said "its not about getting him the bottle as fast as i can." i said he could have puffed his... show more

What are some good names that will flow with my last name?

11 answers · Baby Names · 11 hours ago
I’ve been trying to think of names for my daughter but all of the names I like don’t flow with my last name, our last name is Cooney. What names would sound good with that last name? We don’t want anything too modern and trendy and nothing too old. Names that we have considered were Caroline, Lucille, Amy, Hannah,... show more