Makeup's questions - Portuguese iziqna

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If the animals don't look sexy... How will you?!?

Why has Jea failed miserably to produce her claimed "proof"? She'll probably answer "you're the proof, you can't present your god", but that's just like a Christian saying "the Bible proves god exists". BOTH statements are stupid indeed.

Best answer: because they dont care what happen

Best answer: Mostly matte with only a little shimmer. NEVER glitter.

Best answer: As we grow and mature there are plenty of firsts and it is perfectly normal to be slightly intimidated. If you want tomorrow to be your first day of wearing make up to school, by all means do it proudly.

or would it look unfinished or something

Best answer: Marks and Spenser or Saibsbury

So I m 15 and really want to wear makeup. Everyone else does, and I just really want too. My mom and I have a really good relationship, I don t tell her everything but I do tell her lots. For some reason, though, I m kinda scared of asking her if I can wear makeup. I don t know why, I m just embarassed. My mom... show more

Best answer: Laws are passed by congress, not by any president. So your answer is No, he cannot do that.

It is a given fact that the man has tattoos. He simply hides them with makeup.

I am asian and have like no eyebrows, but really want to fill them in without it looking fake. What can I do? What products are they I could use?

Best answer: I have that same problem. Until, Im told otherwise, I think its just part of wearing foundation....Ive tried liquid, cream, wet to dry foam, powder on top of cream, like u name it.

Hi im 13!! And i'm starting with makeup how does this sound? clear mascara lip gloss/balm should I leave it at that or add eyeshadow, or brown eye shadow on the lash line (Looks kind of like eyeliner) Don't be mean please!!!