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Best answer: Yes..I think it's only fare considering you changed your diapers and So Much More... My mom is 56 and if she asked me... my answer would be : What Color..You want glitter or dots ect. :)

and why

Is the end near?

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How would you rate me?

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I have big breast and a slim body. What kind of top would enhance my cleavage?


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Best answer: This guy has always been in my top 5 for a long time - I am not sure why he appeals to me more than most other guys I have seen. Maybe its his chiseled looks along with a feeling of confidence and a little arrogance thrown in. And in my imagination I do not have to wonder about his D - its perfect. 7", cut,... show more

I just finished googling all of the ingredients in my protein tightening creams: They're all organic NOTHINGS! And a lot of this stuff is just "preservatives" to keep the organic buIIshit ingredients from molding in the container! Why don't our politicians do something about aging if they want us... show more

Please, answer me?

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Do you think I have flaws on my face? I would hit on Tamsin egerton and Lily Collins ? Am I as handsome as Tamsin egerton and Lily Collins? Do you make a description of my face?

Best answer: Sure, why not? You can start by calling the FORD modeling Agency in New York. They will give you all the information you need to get started. You do have to have your parents permission since you are still a minor. You need a portfolio to begin with. Along with different photos, profiles, make up, etc... Check... show more

My friend and I are debating of whether this eye colour is hazel or green. Could anyone tell us which one is right? Thank you.

Does men's cologne expire?

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Found a new, sealed bottle of my favorite cologne online. Problem is, this cologne has been discontinued for over 10 years. So it is at least 10-15yrs old. Does cologne expire/lose potency?

Best answer: Average with a frozen smile.

Jacket or coat?

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Best answer: Coat.It's better and if you buy long looks better,sexy,and handsome.But it depends from each people view

I get the thought nail polish protect the nails from breaking and I also have the thought nail polish dries the nails. Which or what is it?