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I don't get all the hype and praise for tan girls, they are okay, but the pale White Snow glowing princesses have been the prettiest from what I've seen. So stop bullying White women and the media needs to stop avoiding pale White beauty. Cuz I don't like seeing already beautiful pale White women... show more

Best answer: Yes, Matt. I am sure you would look great walking down the runway in a short Versace shirt with a sheer silk blouse and Christian Louboutin 5" stiletto heels.

Best answer: no they don't and most women prefer too wear what they find comfortable to wear

Best answer: I do not like the idea of lying. but I think it is best to sometimes to avoid answering questions just not to start any drama. Some people just do not have thick skin

How do I become a model at 15?

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How do I start modeling? I'm 15 years old, female, 5'5 ft, 59 kg and I live in the Philippines. My body measurements is 34-33-39 but I can still work on that. And btw, can i still grow?

So I just got my drivers license and i'm planning on getting some new bras at pink. I'm going to drive there and I'll be by myself. But the thing is that I feel uncomfortable because the pink store is in the VS store so I have to check out through there and I just get weird buying bras in general and I... show more

Best answer: You answered your question yourself. Some people react to unfortunate-looking people with disdain because the believe, consciously or unconsciously, that if the person had any self-respect, he/she would DO something about their appearance. They sometimes fail to realize that not everyone has the money or the... show more

Best answer: It sounds very cliche but beautiful/ugly really does come from the inside. I have seen some very mean people who make my skin crawl as I view them as ugly, and I have seen those who are kind appear to be so very beautiful.

Why do black women wear weave?

6 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: They wear them for the same reason women (and men) of all races wear them- they like the way they look. They are an easy way to get long thick hair that would take years to never to grow. Why does Trump wear a combover?

Hydrogen peroxide and sensitivity?

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Do ypu think Gigi Hadid is pretty?

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Best answer: Gigi Hadid is gorgeous! 😀

How to be more attractive?

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Best answer: Dress well and carry yourself with confidence

They treat the attractive ones better, they perform favors, and always ignore such "sexy" women's mistakes. about what about the ones like me? How do I ever feel happy when I'm made to feel "lesser" because of my looks? I can't control that

Some humans yahooians in politics section told me to grow up before thinking about being a president-.-

Best answer: not dangerous but it won’t remove any hair