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Best answer: You need to start doing practice job interviews and a lot of them! Q1. "Im curious why you only work weekends"? Q2. "then she said well why wont you just get another client.?" A1. It's a perfect fit for only working on the weekends but remaining in the home healthcare field is not a long... show more

Best answer: There is a town in NJ that is 88% white. The high school had a black principal. He was so well loved that when he died unexpectantly after donating bone marrow (to a kid on another continent), there was a push to rename the school after him. in some areas it is a problem, in others its not. my town used to be... show more

a) yes b) no

Why do liberals think insulting Trump is going to somehow keep him from a 2nd term?

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I mean didn't they try that the first time?

Catholic orthodox and Anglicans have distinct beliefs, some accept the apocryphal whiles others don't, the date of feast differ, their doctrines differ so which of them is Christ heading? The Patriarch HEADS orthodox, POPE HEADS Catholic, so where's the seat of headship for Christ? Pagans keep misleading... show more

Do Irish people like chicken nuggets?

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Best answer: Yes, they do. All of them. Everywhere.

Do I need to use chopsticks to eat Chinese in CMX ?

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Best answer: Ah bejaysus no , sure a fork and spoon will do the auld business.

Other than emperor Putin's grace

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the staff don't smile?

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There's this restaurant that i go to every once in a while in Ireland where im from, myself and my dad dress ourselves up and make the effort and drive out to enjoy a meal, and there's this waitress there and she reminds me of an American female cop that's giving me a ticket; she has the emotion of an... show more

Calculate diagonal of a rectangle 150ft x 250ft?

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