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Best answer: Wanting fame is the single worst and most unrealistic reason to become an actor at any age. The are literally millions of actors world wide that are not famous. Only a very small percentage of actors become famous. Age has no bearing on the path to becoming an actor. There are actors who didn't even start... show more

How to you start being a actress?

10 answers · 3 days ago
Im 16 and Im really interested in becoming a actress where do you start? im 16 5'6 116lbs female if any of that matters! thx! <3

Best answer: It's called method acting...look it up.

Can you "act" online?

7 answers · 1 week ago
People were saying that I was acting like a kid, but I got confused because I wasn't acting. I was typing words off a keyboard.. how can they tell that I was acting like a kid when they can't see how I act in real life?

Best answer: Historically, there has been rigid, overreaching censorship (Mae West was jailed for "indecency" in one of her plays.) There still is censorship, in that there are laws against public indecency. For a while, the Hays Code strictly prescribed what was allowed to be seen in movies - but was struck down... show more

Shakespeare monologue?

5 answers · 1 week ago
Do I have to read the play in verse or is it okay to read the play in prose. I know I have to perform it in verse.

For example if you write a character that is a musician you would emphasise their ability to recognise sounds, songs, rhythms etc. But what would it be like for an actor?

Best answer: Uh oh, you found out the secret. We are not citizens, we are subjects. And we really don't have any rights. The reason it's not well known is because they come for our rights one at a time. Then the other sheep say "Baa! He/she deserved it!"

To be an actor?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
Guys but if someone has as a dream to be an actor but doesn’t have a English accent (in this case Italian accent) is it a big problem for the auditions?

Is there ever a situation where it would be okay to just hand a play to someone with no theatre experience and ask them try to direct it on their own? Person has never even AD d or stage managed?

Are some actors typecast?

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Best answer: Since most directors look for a certain type there is always a little bit of typecasting. An actor's type can change as they mature and change as an actor. Age too can change in terms of what roles an actor will be considered for. It can be a problem for the actor if they want play different kinds of... show more

Best answer: Those auditions are not open to the general public. No one hires or auditions amateurs or beginners, only highly-trained and highly-experienced professional actors repped by the best agents in town. That's because professional productions cost TONS of money, and they need to know it's in the hands of... show more

Do I REALLY need classes? Can’t I just start auditioning? What should I invest in? I have no kids and have a car and willing to travel with flexible hours please helppp

Best answer: As AJ says - see if you can do some negotiating and juggle things. Recently my daughter was in very intensive rehearsals for two plays, on opposite sides of the city, where she had leading roles in both. She made both directors aware of the situation, and they managed to arrange things so it could work, and it... show more