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I don't know if it is a written contract thing if they state they don't want to do it. I am really wondering about this for example if it is a TV show you won't necessarily know if your character is going to have a nude/sex scene after the first season if it is renewed or a change in TV/movie script.... show more

Wolverhampton a city in England

How to fake a severe limp?

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Best answer: You have to imagine that your leg is not working. It drags behind. just let it go limp and don't put any weight on it.

I'm going to start pursuing acting soon and I was thinking of using a different last name because mine is a bit hard to pronounce so I was wondering, how and when do you start using a stage name?

Best answer: probably by practicing it

Do actors take on personal roles?

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Best answer: Sophie - stop soap-boxing! But to answer, almost all actors apply for auditions for whatever roles their agents can get for them. The actor then reads what he is given of the script and if he believes he can do a good job with it, it's well-written, if it interests them and it pays well, they accept it - IF it... show more

I live in Winchester and it’s not popular when it comes to acting. I’m 29 yrs old and love acting and took classes in high school and college but that was in Iowa. Every time I watch movies or tv shows I picture myself in them. I know it’s a hard thing to get into but I really enjoy doing it even if I don’t make it... show more

Apparently, there is an age restriction of sorts for portraying characters at the Disney parks - characters like Belle, Rapunzel, Ariel, etc (I guess this also pertains to the guys who portray Flynn Rider, Prince Charming, Gaston, etc); you must be ages 18 to 23 to be considered to portray any of these characters.

Best answer: SHORT ANSWER: They're aren't any. That's not how casting works. Companies invest a lot of money in their projects and they trust that investment to trained and experienced professionals. They're not looking for people off the street. So they don't old open auditions that anyone can go to. ... show more

Best way to start acting career?

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I am currently 18 and not long ago finished my BTEC in film and TV which was a two year college course. I was interested into going to study drama in university but I’ve changed my mind and thought I would rather dive straight into what I want to do (TV and film performance). The reason I didn’t study performing... show more

Best answer: It's as Mr Smartypants says - it's always correctly pronounced uh/ah except when it's emphasised and is used to mean 'just one'.

Best answer: Well, tell your mother you don't want to go. She can either find someone else who would like to, or return the ticket.

I'm in London for 4 months and I found on google casting sites, like backstage or starnow, I would like to know how they work, that is, on starnow I saw people posting ads where they are looking for guys or models for movies or TV or anything, and some I do not pay you any more and I think it's the same... show more

Could an 11 year old be 5'0"?

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Best answer: According to statistical data, in the United States, 11yo girls are between 135 and 160cm tall (4ft6 - 5ft2). That gives an average of 147,5 cm (4ft10) Since 4'10" is the "average" that means just as many 11 year olds are taller... show more

Become a successful actor.?

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this is my goal, to become a successful actor. First of all I have never acted. I read a few answers to other questions similar to mine and I noticed that many respond by saying that it is different to become a theater actor and a movie actor, well I mean cinema, acting in hollywood. I would like to know the... show more