Fast Food's questions - Portuguese iziqna

Who makes the best Pizza?

10 answers · 12 hours ago
I tried Pizza Hut yesterday and it tasted better then I remembered it. I love Domino's online service for ordering pizza's but I also love going into Little Ceaser's for their Pizza and Crazy Bread.

Why no Africans work at McDonald's?

19 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: dey too good for dat yo

I heard they are fried with vegetable oil but in the us they are with beef is this ture?

Best answer: sign language is the only way

McDonalds Makes my Legs Hurt?

9 answers · 4 days ago
It’s so random, but whenever I eat McDonalds right afternoon the first few bites my legs hurt. Why?

Best answer: Next time say light sauce

It costs more than $2.50 for a McDouble in Canada.

Best answer: Probably not for a while since doritos has a contract with taco bell

Should i go to subway later?

9 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: No. Subway sucks.

KFC OR Popeye's?

15 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: KFC

Burger King or Wendy's?

26 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Only at Burger King.

Best answer: I don't think this ever happened.

I am writing a paper and I cannot find a lot of information. I have reached out directly to Domino's but I am waiting on a manager to call me back. Are the sandwiches delivered frozen and then placed in the oven? What is the process?

My local pizza hut almost always undercooks the food, and the food is always bland and the pizza paper thin. I complained on the pizza hut website and they are sending me a coupon for 2 free 3 topping large pizzas. The problem is, the only pizza hut nearby is the one that has the terrible food. What should I do... show more