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Best answer: Because the only way they can try do defend saying there is no God, without having evidence to support their view, is to change it "lack of belief" which we all know is an impossibility for humans when they are acquainted with a subject

Best answer: Seeking a therapist that specializes in workplace issues might benefit you greatly. Unfortunately, we just can’t call out because of minor stresses of normal workplace occurrences. In the adult world, it’s unexcusable

Is it true that nobody is an ex/former Christian, because ex/former Christians do not exist, because nobody leaves? I hear it constantly, meaning my claims that I did leave it are all lies for my father, Satan...

Best answer: You are asking what people think, a personal opinion and that varies from person to person. Sadly many do look down on homeschoolers but it is more based on them not understanding homeschoolers. I was worried about judgements when my first child graduated homeschooling but she was welcomed into colleges with open... show more

Best answer: Only if you also seek medical treatment for your child. Homeschooling doesn’t cure depression, anxiety or any other psychiatric condition. If your child is left untreated and becomes isolated, it could worsen the depression

They just want a better life and this is how you treat them? Where is your humanity America? What does America stand for if we treat migrants like this, and THE DEMOCRATS wont even protest?

I have very bad anxiety and depression and I feel like school just makes it worse. I am happy at home but when I start thinking about going back to school I usually just burst into tears. Whenever I m at school and in class, my palms get sweaty, I start shaking, and I feel nauseous. Sometimes I do throw up. If I... show more

Hey libs, does this trigger you?

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Best answer: Why does Donald Trump live at the Lincoln Memorial? Is Trump and idiot? Oh, sorry. I guess I'm repeating myself.

The crucial difference is that in a Republic, minority opinion is protected. Which is also why lower courts can make decisions that affect the whole country. It is called checks and balances.

Best answer: He is looking for UFO's in the Pyramids

Best answer: They bought their sheets at Costco.

Best answer: The only way to earn college credits as a high schooler is to take college classes. This is most often done through a local community college but can also be done at larger universities too. A homeschooled high schooler that takes a college class will earn both a high school credit and college credits for that... show more