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Is this a wise choice?

5 answers · Puebla · 2 days ago
In Israel we finally created treatment for cancer but we will not be releasing it because it will increase world population and we don't want that.

Why can't atheists prove God is not real?

11 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 7 days ago
Best answer: They are blind, trying to prove that God is not real. Imagine trying to explain a rainbow to a man who was born with no eyes. It would sound like nonsense to him.

Do you agree that we need to build the wall right now before a new ISIS is created?

9 answers · Other - Politics & Government · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Everyone should follow laws including immigration laws. Criminal aliens should be rounded up and dealt with much more sternly than we are currently doing. They must fear returning a second and third time. The will must be built and our nation's laws must be enforced. American First. Don't mix up a real... show more

Best answer: They need more love.

Are all tacos in Mexico made with tongue?

7 answers · Other - Mexico · 3 weeks ago

When you dine at a Mexican restaurant or have Mexican take out:?

0 answers · Other - Mexico · 2 months ago
When you have Mexican food and find rice in your burrito do you feel taken advantage of? I go to several Mexican take-outs in my area and only one restaurant doesn't automatically add rice to my burritos. The only time they would add rice is if it’s a veggie burrito, but they asked the customer first. But at... show more