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Best answer: I don't have much experience in Roblox, but if this zombie is another person online instead of an NPC (non-playable character), I would advise you to avoid using foul language. Otherwise, if this zombie is an NPC, you can be free to unleash your anger towards these zombies, as long as you make it clear this... show more

Best answer: Oh God, it's like the saddest story I ever read. If you manage to write the book, it will be a lot sadder than Romeo and Juliet. I think more than a romance it will turn out some sort of psychological essay showing consequences of mental health or a crime book. By the way,the girl may be dead and will rest in... show more



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Best answer: WUN!

Motorcycles are dumb?

8 answers · San Sebastian · 9 months ago
Best answer: Cars are dumb too. All engines are dumb.

So is a trait of a superior race high internal crime and killing of it's own people? Because when you compare country homicide rates, white people kill each other at a much higher rate than Asians do. And when you look at the FBI date inside the USA on race, white Americans also kill people at a much higher... show more

Best answer: Not this year, but the trend towards ignorance means that in some years time, the events depicted in Isaac Asimov's "Nightfall" will seem more likely than not.

Voltage is 1,000 V, power is 1,000 W. What is the resistance?

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Best answer: E = 1000 v P = 1000 w I = 1 a R = 1000Ω A: One kilohm

Best answer: puedo tener una rebanada de pizza? después de la cena, ¿me golpearás en mi trasero?

Is there ihops in spain?

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Fake payslips were made for a wife's visa Bangladesh to the U.K, she hasn't yet arrived in the uk but I feel I need to report it. The husband has never worked or paid tax. I feel it's wronging the honest, hard working citizens.

Best answer: You're mother should've aborted you before you were born.

Any Christians who will be given facts and evidence presented to them but still refuses to accept it and. Pulls out a a fake story of these guys being atheists. You know that's when Christians are pathological and compulsive liars. Meaning they might have disroder known as Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)... show more

Porta Nona - The Ninth Gate?

4 answers · Castellon · 2 years ago
Best answer: The ninth gate is the gate that when opened allows Satan to be freed and walk the earth. There is a film by that name starring Jonny Depp about exactly that. Oh and I watched it. BTW he was a book collector.